Friday, May 31, 2013

Futons are Heavy

I spend a lot of time on my futon.
Yeah, this. 
So I finally decided it was time to wash my futon cover. All my own.

Anyway, do you know how hard it is to wrest a futon mattress?!?

I did finally manage to get the futon cover off and washed.

But then I realized I had only done the easy part. I still had to put the cover back on the futon.

(Does anyone else know that adorable gif of the kitty that goes “fuck this fuck that, fuck this thing in particular”? Boyfriend and I love it).

Since I was becoming an expert at futons, I now knew what to do.

And then:

Well, that should be good for 6 to 8  months.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Love Long Weekends

Long weekend, you say? This is how I spent mine:

But then of a sudden this:

Real blog post on Friday, I swear.
This happens every time. Such a bummer. Was anyone else more productive?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Food Pyramid

So, sometimes I come up with blog ideas in weird places and forget them. Seriously, there’s some great posts that I’ve forgotten.

Lately I just create a reminder in my phone that says a word or two that will jog my memory. For example, I wrote "first world probs bagel Friday" on my phone for this post, and I remembered exactly what I wanted to write.

However, sometimes I don’t include enough detail.

So I still don’t know what I meant to blog. But, since it’s out there, I decided I’d blog my food pyramid.
You don't.

I know the gov is doing a “myplate” instead of pyramid, but I don’t care. I’m old school. Pluto is still a planet, while we’re at it. Anyway, here it is:

Just eat like this and you can't go wrong. 

What would your food pyramid look like? 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Since “embarrassing things” seems to be this week’s theme, let’s talk about what I did on Monday.

This is a slight exaggeration.

So. I really wanted a long sidebang, but I recently got my hair trimmed and they cut too much anyway and I’m trying to grow it out so I didn’t want to go back for another trim just to throw in the sidebang.

Mistake uno: believing in myself
Like with any major decision, I checked with twitter first.

The responses were fairly positive, I think:

Okay not really at all. I tried to reassure everyone that I knew what I was doing:

I checked with Boyfriend, too, via gchat:

Me: In other news i bought a pair of hair cutting scissors 
If you need me I'll be in my bathroom for the next hour 
This should go well
Boyfriend: DON’T DO IT!
Me: Damn 
Between you and twitter …
Its just a little sidebang!!1
Boyfriend:  famous last words
I'd like someone to bang on the side too you know [Note: he’s kidding.]
Me: Don’t start 
but seriously 
I’m being adventurous 
snip snip 
Boyfriend: The next words after its just a little side bang are, "it cost me $120 to fix it at the hair salon" 
It went..okay. Except I didn’t listen to my brain even though I knew my bangs were wet, and cut them shorter than intended. And slightly unevenly. But I didn’t cut that much of them, so it’s not that noticeable…

Everyone was supportive.

Boyfriend came over and saw it.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Embarrassing Confessions: Les Mis

In the past, I’ve admitted to my loud chewing and love of Halloween candy.

The latest?

So, a couple of weeks ago I was alone on a Saturday night and I knew what I wanted to do.

Besides the fact that Boyfriend flat out refused to watch it, I knew it would be a tear jerker and I prefer to cry over musicals alone. Anyway, I watched it.

You guys, I cried so much.  I texted Boyfriend, too. He wasn't super sympathetic to my plight.

Me: I rented Les Mis
Boyfriend: Gag
Me: Sniffle!!!
Extra hard sniffle
I need more tissues.
Boyfriend: They should all die
Me: They all did. I accidentally cried.
Boyfriend: Good
Me: I was doing okay til Wolverine died. WOLVERINE.
Boyfriend: Wolverine can't die
Me: I wonder how many more times I can watch it til the rental is up
Boyfriend: You are sick
Me: Wolverine died and catwoman took him to heaven
Boyfriend: Please never talk to me again

And I had awesome conversations like this on twitter:

Seriously how was her waist that tiny!?

Anyhoo, because I liked it so much, I watched it a bunch more times. And I cried every single time.

Does that stop me from watching it way too often? Nope.

This movie man. It’s just too damn sad.

Spoiler alert: he dies.