Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Did you forget? I hope not. But here are some belated gift ideas.

1. Box Full of Kittens!

2. A Blender

3. Skydiving Lessons

4. Matching Tattoos

5. Cash.

Moms are hard to shop for. 

How did you guys fare?


  1. Cats in your world say "mrawww"? That's terrifying! What kind of hellish den of nightmares would breed such genetic terror as to make kittens pretend to mewl only to revert to an attack cry? Oh, that's right, cats. Good thing you have wine, hopefully you overlooked her putting ice in it for Mother's Day.

  2. When The One In Charge and I reached the point in our relationship where it was expected to exchange gifts, I was told in no uncertain terms that if I got her a blender, certain important portions of anatomy would be the first things blended. So we decided it was reasonable to discuss if a certain potential gift was the moral equivalent of a blender. So for example a normal coffee maker is, but a expresso maker is not. Of course, we still need to buy some of those things, and that's ok. They just aren't gifts.

    Besides, it's another Hallmark Holiday, designed to make you buy stuff. Whatever relationship you have with her, you ought to have it every day. Make her breakfast in bed, or take her to her favourite restaurant, or buy a big bouquet of flowers, or rub her feet, or do something nice for her every once in a while just because it's the right thing to do, not just once a year because some greeting card company says so.

  3. For the love of God, just don't try to "save space" by putting the cats in the blender and presenting both at once. My mother is still in therapy and the drapes are ruined.

    1. but kitten smoothie is the best iron supplement out there..mhh!!

  4. i accidentally was a month too early...well she didn't get anything this month, I am not made out of money mum!

  5. Favorite Young Man took my car to work with him on Saturday (he's a mechanic) and put two belts on it. I didn't even have to pay for the belts. Having a son who takes such good care of my car is great. Didn't hear a word from The Hurricane. She's probably mad at me.


  6. You, young lady, are a pip!

  7. Mothers get an entire day now? What about heavy internet users? When is our official time of recognition?

  8. Awww! Such cute kittens!!!!!!
    Sky-diving was hilarious!
    Awesome drawings as usual!

  9. We're getting my Mom a 3DS. I think that either makes us terrible or awesome kids.