Monday, June 10, 2019

Book of Mormon

I saw Book of Mormon this weekend, which was excellent and also reminded me of my totally 100% true history of mormon post from a few years ago. Enjoy!

I was watching a scientology documentary, which made me think of other made up religions (all of them?). So, sorry any mormon readers (but also, cmonnnnnnnn). Here's the story of mormon, interpreted from the wikipedia entry on Joseph Smith. And also from the song "I Believe" from the Book of Mormon  musical as performed on the Tonys a few years ago. 

There once was a man named Boyfriend Joseph Smith. 

And this is his wife, Wife Gia. 

They lived during the Second Great Awakening,  and Boyfriend Smith spent a lot of time at revival camps. 

And then one day, Boyfriend Smith disappeared for awhile.

Boyfriend Smith continued to go to the hill and visit the magic gold books. Wife Gia did not appreciate that he was skipping out on his husbandly duties.

Boyfriend Smith realized none of the religions in their town were accepting of him and his magical gold books, so they needed to go west.

So they went west. 

Boyfriend Smith tried to spread his teachings in Ohio, but they weren't exactly welcoming.

So they went wester.  

And that's not only how Mormonism began, but also how Joseph Smith died. No need for you to fact check any of this, it is 100% true. The end. 

Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to my fellow Americans!  I'll be celebrating by holding my cat and pretending Trump isn't president. Hurray!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Game of Thrones: The End of an Era

Ok, ok, this post has been written pre-finale. But it's looking like my Daenerys costume was as well-chosen as my Melisandre costume from a few years ago:

An  hour later

Despite a few questionable episodes this season, Game of Thrones has been excellent and I'm sad to see it go. From the first, very confusing episode Boyfriend and I watched together:

Who woulda thought that Bran makes it to S8E6!

To the central role of dragons a few seasons later....


This show had it all. By "all" I mean lots of sex and violence, but also great storytelling and fun hairstyles. 

Farewell, game of thrones. Maybe one day, George R R Martin will finish those books (spoiler alert: he won't).

Monday, May 13, 2019

We're Back!

Hi everyone - we're home! I survived the airplane, and we had a great time on the west coast for a week. Here are some highlights of things I experienced for the first time. 

THAT'S RIGHT. THEY HAVE MOUNTAINS ON THE WEST COAST. It's really the wildest thing. 

Dogs of the sea, I say. 

And last but not least:

Like I said, a great trip!