Friday, May 24, 2013

Food Pyramid

So, sometimes I come up with blog ideas in weird places and forget them. Seriously, there’s some great posts that I’ve forgotten.

Lately I just create a reminder in my phone that says a word or two that will jog my memory. For example, I wrote "first world probs bagel Friday" on my phone for this post, and I remembered exactly what I wanted to write.

However, sometimes I don’t include enough detail.

So I still don’t know what I meant to blog. But, since it’s out there, I decided I’d blog my food pyramid.
You don't.

I know the gov is doing a “myplate” instead of pyramid, but I don’t care. I’m old school. Pluto is still a planet, while we’re at it. Anyway, here it is:

Just eat like this and you can't go wrong. 

What would your food pyramid look like? 


  1. I do that word thing also...apparently I have a great idea for a post about crotch potatoes, and another for comma purge somewhere in my brain.

    Funny stuff! Yours, not mine.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this. I have nearly 900 notes that say things like, "Kardashian armpit dickface." And that was one of the notes that I figured out!

    I think we might need a better system!

  3. Umm, that IS my pyramid. Just swap in burgers and pizza instead of chocolate though.

  4. Protein shakes and sugar cookies.


  5. chocolate, nuts, pasta and the random veggie.

  6. Mine would include red meat, chicken, waffles, nachos, carne asada, bacon, ham, pork chops ("sure, Lisa, a magical animal"), pizza and pasta. Apparently, I should start eating better.

  7. My food pyramid looks a lot like that.

    And I learned long ago that I should put more detail when I jot blog post ideas down. I've also did the same thing with book ideas. It's so frustrating.

  8. i have the same problem with ideas for drawings, I have some weird notes on my phone.

    top would be meds plus vitamines, then cookies and chocolate, followed by veggies and cheese...lots of cheese

  9. Ugh, I do that all the time, usually right before bed. I'll come up with an idea, and in the morning I'm like, Snuffleupagus?? What does that mean?

    Oh well.

  10. Most of my food pyramid would be empty, I barely eat these days.

    Though, beer is finding its way into my meals a lot more these days....

  11. I keep a pad next to my bed, as I sometimes wake up with ideas to post about. The other day I awoke to a message for Sleepy Val that said "don't forget to wear pants today."

    I don't even know where to begin...



  12. I like it that wine and popcorn are recommended equally. My mother would love this food pyramid!

  13. Pluto IS still a planet !! I am horrified that people wouldn't consider it to be. What is this world coming to?

  14. I do that with post ideas too but sometimes I come back and look at my prompts like, "Reince Priebus? WTF did I write Reince Priebus in Evernote?!" Good times.

  15. Pluto is and always will be a planet!!!

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