Monday, November 28, 2016

The Bad Idea

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! 

I decided this was a good idea: 

Why? I don't know. I had been away from kitty for a few nights and felt bad, and thought maybe she'd get along with Boyfriend's kittens. 

Right away, I should have known better. 

Anyway, I got her in the car for the short 20 minute ride. 

Yep, she threw up at approximately minute 18 of 20. And the way home the next day? Puked her little kitty guts out again (whilst jumping from the back seat to the front, to make sure she got the whole interior).

If anyone needs me, I'll be cleaning out my car and looking up car sear covers on amazon. Sigh.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Fire

So, I had some adventure this weekend. Specifically, I had a small fire in a wall mounted space heater that required me using my fire extinguisher and calling the fire department. No major damage beyond the space heater, but it still smells smokey in here. (BTW, any tips for dealing with that? Let me know in the comments or tweet it at me.)

I will now present to you three scenarios.

1. How I Responded to this Crisis In My Head:

Yep, I pretty much just wanted to run away and let it all burn. Fire is scary!

2. How I Told Others I Responded to this Crisis:

Yep, that's totally the Official Story. 

And finally:

3. How I Actually Responded:

Yep. The fire department came a minute later, and made sure it hadn't spread to the wall. Whew. 

So, while I had the presence of mind to use the fire extinguisher (and some wet towels, which is what ultimately killed it), I also just kept shouting my street address over and over again on the phone without telling the dispatcher what town I was in.  And I put Kitty in her carrier like a grown up, instead of flinging her out the window whilst shouting SAVE YOURSELF. So all in all, I give myself a solid B+.

What about you guys - are you panickers or calm cool and collected?

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Update: The Aftermath

Well. What a shocking, painful end to the garbagefest that was this election. It feels like an actual nightmare. 

 True story. No judgement though kitty - my tummy hurts when I'm upset too. 

Anyway, this is the last political post you're getting from me in awhile. I'm devastated by what happened, super concerned about the future of the country and the climate, and can't imagine finding any humor in it going forward. (I mean, not that you guys were living and dying by the half dozen or so political posts I put up this year...) 

Don't worry, I have lots of material about the kitties, Boyfriend, our upcoming move to Canada.  (Kidding. Hack joke, I know. Also, it's actually hard to get citizenship there.)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Boyfriend's October Surprise

So, Boyfriend has some exciting personal news that I'm about to share. You guys are NOT going to see this coming. 


Okay, here we go



I'd like you to meet Milo:

Everyone "squeeeee" with me here
And Archer:

Here they are checking out the laser pointer with his giant dragon dog.

The dog and kitties are getting along well, in case you were wondering.

Boyfriend had been toying with the idea of getting kittens for awhile. He saw these guys in a pet store (a local shelter keeps kittens there), and was smitten with them. 

(Yes, smitten with the kittens.) 

A day later without really thinking too much about it, VOILA! Kittens. I love them. 

Best. October. Surprise. Ever.