Monday, March 31, 2014

P-p-p-p Poker Face

Boyfriend recently suggested I learn how to play poker because I like some other card games.

This was probably a bad idea.

 I was so hopeful...

...and so let down.

Ok, I still have a lot to learn. Leave your best poker tips in the comments! (Also, if you play online, let me know where. I'm looking for reputable sites that won't get my computer all spammy.)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Kitten Jog!

Throwback Thursday time! I chose this one because A. It's springtime and I should start thinking about bi-annual cardio and B. I really really want a kitttyyyyyyyyy. Enjoy!
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Time for another Mayor Gia exercise! This one involves getting off the futon.


Get ready for this:

Step 1: Have Boyfriend come over with a bicycle.
OMG you guys, I worked so hard on that bike drawing
Step 2: Attach wagon to bicycle.

Step 3. Find kitten. 
(like one of the feral ones at your work)

Step 4: Put kitten in wagon.

Step 5: Have Boyfriend ride bicycle.

Step 6: Try to catch kitten.

Ta-DA! Enjoy.

[*kitten can be replaced by bunny puppy or duckling, as needed]

Monday, March 24, 2014


Boyfriend and I had the perfect date last weekend.

Yes, we had burritos. But then we watched Frozen!

Anyway, so Frozen.

Have you guys seen it? It was great, right? Right?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Living Alone

[In a couple months, my lease will up and I have to decide if I want to extend it or move. It's making me remember all the reasons I love living alone, so I figured this #ThrowbackThursday would be appropriate. MY POPTARTS ARE MINE.]
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So, as we’ve discussed, I found a new apartment and am moving out next month. Yaaaay!! What are some things I’m looking forward to? Let’s see:

1. Not dealing with this on Saturday morning:

Yes, I went back to bed. But, seriously? No. Call a cab.

2. Not finding empty boxes of food in my cabinets.

Seriously, I’ve given up on having any kind of yummy snacks in my cabinets until I move. It’s not worth the anger stroke I experience when I look for them and they’re gone.

3. Not having this happen at 3am:

I finally got out of bed and opened the front door and saw this:

I’m not even saying she’s the worst roommate in the world or anything, because in a lot of ways she’s fine. I think we’re friends, technically. But she’s a college student and HOLY SHIT DO I WANT TO BE LEFT THE HELL ALONE.

Whew. Only another few weeks until the move. But I’m sure you guys all have tons of bad roommate stories, right?