Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Since “embarrassing things” seems to be this week’s theme, let’s talk about what I did on Monday.

This is a slight exaggeration.

So. I really wanted a long sidebang, but I recently got my hair trimmed and they cut too much anyway and I’m trying to grow it out so I didn’t want to go back for another trim just to throw in the sidebang.

Mistake uno: believing in myself
Like with any major decision, I checked with twitter first.

The responses were fairly positive, I think:

Okay not really at all. I tried to reassure everyone that I knew what I was doing:

I checked with Boyfriend, too, via gchat:

Me: In other news i bought a pair of hair cutting scissors 
If you need me I'll be in my bathroom for the next hour 
This should go well
Boyfriend: DON’T DO IT!
Me: Damn 
Between you and twitter …
Its just a little sidebang!!1
Boyfriend:  famous last words
I'd like someone to bang on the side too you know [Note: he’s kidding.]
Me: Don’t start 
but seriously 
I’m being adventurous 
snip snip 
Boyfriend: The next words after its just a little side bang are, "it cost me $120 to fix it at the hair salon" 
It went..okay. Except I didn’t listen to my brain even though I knew my bangs were wet, and cut them shorter than intended. And slightly unevenly. But I didn’t cut that much of them, so it’s not that noticeable…

Everyone was supportive.

Boyfriend came over and saw it.


  1. Do you remember the Flowbee? It was one of those infomercial things that was a vacuum that cut hair (re: the "suck and cut" from Wayne's World). Anyway, I learned not to cut my hair from looking at all the barbers/stylists in the world who all have the craziest looking hair imaginable.
    This is not a judgement as I haven't seen your hair. (Ass covered? Okay, great.)

  2. Sidebangs? Sidebangs?? Sounds like side boob to me.
    I think boyfriend has the right idea.

  3. I'm sure you're adorable.

    Janie, the suck up

  4. I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to say, "You in danger girl."

  5. GIAAAAAA I tolllllddd you to cut them longer than you think they should be. fact, come to think of made it into your post...

    Ehhh but even if you cut them really short, hair usually grows pretty fast, and you said they're only a little shorter than you meant them to be, so they should look totally fine in no long as you don't try to fix them. =P

  6. I too missed the opportunity to warn you that "you in danger girl."
    I can't cut my bangs to save my life, so I just grew mine out and no longer have any. Problem solved! YAY!

  7. man i am really thinking about cutting my own bangs...just did people notice? should i do it?

  8. I've cut Hubs hair but I wouldn't let me anywhere near my hair with scissors! I'm glad you're happy with it Gia - and look at this! I can comment again!

  9. Damnit this is funny. Makes me wish I were on Twitter.

  10. This is great! And I was headed into the bathroom later for a little snipping myself!

  11. All of this and no picture? BOO. We want pictures! Come on, the Internet can't identify you by the top of your head.

    ...Can it?

  12. My mom once cut my bangs herself for my first grade picture... It's like she didn't even WANT me to have friends...



  13. I have advised no fewer than 10 people on Twitter not to cut their own bangs. So sad I missed the chance to make it 11, but happy for your sake that it wasn't a tragic outcome. No clue what a side bang is.

  14. Yeah... Lately, if I'm stuck between deciding whether or not to do something or not, I think about whether it would make a good blog post or not.

    And then I go ahead and do it.

  15. Boyfriend's reaction to your sidebang comment got me to chuckle.

  16. Congrats :D loved Boyfriend's reaction- hahaha!