Monday, May 20, 2013

Embarrassing Confessions: Les Mis

In the past, I’ve admitted to my loud chewing and love of Halloween candy.

The latest?

So, a couple of weeks ago I was alone on a Saturday night and I knew what I wanted to do.

Besides the fact that Boyfriend flat out refused to watch it, I knew it would be a tear jerker and I prefer to cry over musicals alone. Anyway, I watched it.

You guys, I cried so much.  I texted Boyfriend, too. He wasn't super sympathetic to my plight.

Me: I rented Les Mis
Boyfriend: Gag
Me: Sniffle!!!
Extra hard sniffle
I need more tissues.
Boyfriend: They should all die
Me: They all did. I accidentally cried.
Boyfriend: Good
Me: I was doing okay til Wolverine died. WOLVERINE.
Boyfriend: Wolverine can't die
Me: I wonder how many more times I can watch it til the rental is up
Boyfriend: You are sick
Me: Wolverine died and catwoman took him to heaven
Boyfriend: Please never talk to me again

And I had awesome conversations like this on twitter:

Seriously how was her waist that tiny!?

Anyhoo, because I liked it so much, I watched it a bunch more times. And I cried every single time.

Does that stop me from watching it way too often? Nope.

This movie man. It’s just too damn sad.

Spoiler alert: he dies.


  1. Of course it made you cry, it has "Miserable" as part of the title. I'm with your boyfriend, there's no reason for me to watch something built to intentionally make me sad.

  2. I've never seen it but I'm pretty sure I have the storyline down. Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe are totally in love, right? At least, from the trailer there seems to be an awful lot of sexual tension there.

  3. oh my god i watched it in the cinema and i cried the whole time. plus i had sneaked a bottle of wine in with me which always makes things more cryey. and even when i listen to the soundtrack i cry. ffs. it's just the best film ever made. period.

  4. Boyfriend is a lot kinder than I would be.

  5. I've seen it, and I'm not ashamed to admit I saw it... with my wife. That Marius is NOT a looker, is he? Amazing voice, but he looks like Ronald McDonald took off the clown makeup.

  6. Well you just gave the whole movie away... WOLVERINE Dies?? Guess I don't have to watch it now.

  7. I haven't seen the movie version yet, but i did see a 'local production' of it as a teenager. I was kind of obsessed with it for a while. But now I don't remember much other than they all die. I prefer to cry at sad movies by myself too, so I'm with ya on that. But one thing: maybe stop watching? You're going to get dehydrated. Unless you have more wine of course.

  8. Well it IS called The Miserable Ones you know. ;-)

  9. You didn't cry when Fantine dies? That happens pretty early in the movie. That should set you off on a tearfest way before Eponine dies.


  10. Since you're sharing teary Wolverine moments, I got teary at the wolverine shadow boxing scene at the end of Real Steel.

    .....does that count?

  11. I cried when Wolverine kept drowning himself over and over in The Prestige.

    Did I say cry? I meant laughed. Hard.

    1. I had forgotten about that one.

      .....and Batman lost the same finger, twice in that movie! That was wrenching.

  12. Yeah-uh-no... I think I'll stick with my original decision to pass on that movie, thanks.

  13. What about when they shot little boy angel in the heart? Yeah. I really questioned my ability for empathy when I saw that and didn't cry.

    Aw, crap you're probably crying right now just having thought about it, aren't you?

  14. I have purposely avoided that movie, because I saw it live and it made me sad. I just know the movie would make me sob. Of course, I still watch Terms of Endearment anytime it comes on, so I'm not always able to resist sad movies. There's something comforting about sobbing about something that is not your own life!

  15. How on Earth are you watching that movie that many times, woman?!! It was so morbidly sad, I had to literally take crying breaks and then continue. But I agree on the conclusion on why Wolverine died. It was all that singing that killed him. :D

  16. When I'm really invested in a book or movie, I can pretend each and every time that it could end differently.

  17. This is awesome. I loved the movie, and cried through huge chunks of it while the 13 yr old who was with me kept saying it wasn't that sad. (She did think it was sad when the little boy got it though) You have summed it up beautifully.

  18. You know what movie is incredibly sad? Untamed Heart, with Christian Slater and Marissa Tomei. It's your basic slow-witted dishwasher saves a cute, slutty waitress from being raped story. (The waitress has a pine tree fetish and a heart of gold, and the dishwasher has a monkey heart!) I'm an adult male, and every time I watch it I get something in my eye during the final scene. I don't know how it happens, but I start to tear up, and then I have to go out and chop up some wood or overhaul a transmission... something to get my man card back.

    I haven't seen the Lay-Miz yet, but Wife loves the story. She's read the novel, listened to the musical soundtrack about 1000 times, etc. I'm sure a viewing is in my future.

  19. I've never watched it, musicals aren't my thing.

    Though now I'm even less inclined to watch it.

  20. My hubz secretly loves musicals with me while publicly denouncing them in order to maintain his manly persona. I am the luckiest wife on the frigging planet. We haven't seen Les Mis yet, but it's coming up in our Netflix queue and we're super excited. He probably won't cry. Bastard. I know I'm gonna waaaah!

  21. I can't do musicals, however, I cry every time I watch The English Patient. Every. Time.

  22. Wow, you're right! Eponine's waist is tiny! Does she have any ribs?
    I cry whenever I watch a movie, basically. Disney movies, kids movies, the harry potter movies... whenever I watch a movie with even the tiniest bit of sad I start bawling. It's embarrassing, and my friends always tease me about it :P