Monday, September 30, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Part Time Jobs

So, a couple of weeks ago I referenced a work project that was taking up all my free time. That is just about done, which is good. But now that I’ll have a reasonable amount of free time again, I really need to look into part time work. I would like more money.

I’m trying to figure out what kind of part time work I could do…considering I have very few skills and generally hate being around people.

I'm not above it, y'all.

My self control isn’t great. Ok, so I would need to avoid anywhere that served French fries. Maybe I could work at a bar!

Yes, that is a Scrubs reference.
Ok, so I’d need to avoid alcohol serving establishments as well. I need to keep working on this one.

What about you guys? Do you have part time jobs? Or ideas for a simple blogger who is good at sitting and cuddling cats and not too much else?

Monday, September 23, 2013

#$&@#! You, Apple

also known as “What It’s Like to Update Your Apple Products”

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So my iphone updated last week to iOs 7. It’s not a huge deal, though I had no idea it was coming. 

But I realized that it takes up kind of a lot of room, and the free space on my iphone was getting pretty low.

Note: camera roll vs photo stream is incredibly confusing. Fuck whoever invented it.

So I got on my macbook to sync it with this mysterious cloud.

Ok, that wasn’t quite it. But I had to spend $20 to upgrade my macbook. I vaguely remembered something about an upgrade when it first came out, but spending $20 on something unnecessary at the time? Pssssshaw! 

Anyway, I bit the bullet and downloaded it.

An hour later, it finished downloading.

Finally, it rebooted and I had my latest operating system up.

So I upgraded my iPhoto and restarted my computer again.

Then I did something called “losing it”

So, I let my iphoto finish updating all my photos, and finally – FINALLY – got my iphone photos synced/backed up with icloud and iphoto.

But at least that’s done. Until apple comes out with another system upgrade.

If anyway needs  me, I’ll be mourning the loss of my weekend.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Kitty Couch

Miss Priscilla: Sniff
Me: What’s going on?
Miss Priscilla: Other cats have been on this couch. I can smell them. Hmph.
Me: Oh come on, I spent hours trying to get all the cat hair off it. It’s ours  now!
Miss Priscilla: No more other stinky cats on it?
Me: No sadly, you’re my only cat right now.
Miss Priscilla: What do you mean, sadly?
Me: Nothing.
Miss Priscilla: Well fine, I will own this couch then.
Me: Wait a second –
Miss Priscilla: No no, you’ve sold me on it Gia. The couch is mine now.
Me: Well it’s OURS you see…
Me: This really isn’t fair.
Miss Priscilla: Get off my couch, Gia. Your futon is right there.
Me: Ever heard of sharing?
Miss Priscilla: Ever heard of GETTING OFF MY COUCH?
Me: UGH. Fine.
Miss Priscilla: I’ll let you know if I require anything else.
Me: I kind of hate you right now.
Miss Priscilla: I don’t care.

Just like owning a real  live cat!