Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mayor Gia's Ten Commandments Part I

Time for another Bible Story! Go here and here for previous editions.  This one is kind of long, so I’m dividing it up into two posts. The second half is Wednesday. It's slightly funnier than the first half. It just kind of worked that way. My bad. 

Poor Mrs. Moses.

Come back Wednesday for the second half! Moses' wife is going to stop by!

UPDATE: Part II is here.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mayor Gia's Ark Story

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Time for another Bible Story, Mayor Gia style! Today, I'll be telling you the story of Noah's Ark.

One day, God-cloud decided to speak to Noah-Boyfriend.

Noah told his wife, Mrs. Noah.

So then Noah built the ark. Mrs. Noah was very encouraging.

She started blagging outside.

Finally, the ark was built, and it was time. Noah just knew it.

Noah gathered up two of every animal, and off they went.

On the ark…

Noah had to deal with some animal issues, of course.

So awkward.

Anyhoo, finally it stopped raining... 

... and the animals got to leave the ark. God had a quick pow-wow with Noah.

Mrs. Noah was just relieved to be on solid land again.

And that’s why there’s no more unicorns anymore.