Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Golf Season, Meh.

A few weeks ago, this happened:

Boyfriend golfs every Tuesday in the spring/summer. I know this. But, I had forgotten what it was like. Until the first Tuesday.

Boyfriend gets super cranky when golf doesn’t go well.

Luckily his second week of golf went better

It was all sunshine and butterflies and rainbows then.

So now every Tuesday is a crapshoot

Eek. And the masters was on last weekend. It turns out, his reactions aren’t that much different watching golf, either.

I really like popcorn.
Only 3483749582734 more golf days til fall...


  1. Isn't golf supposed to be a relaxing pastime? Who am I kidding, I have a father who golfs, and the putter scars to prove golf is an enraging activity. (The previous assertion of childhood abuse was fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.)

  2. Too funny. My approach to golf is to drive the cart and drink beer.

  3. Ugh, so annoying when guys get mad about sports! I would just avoid him on Tuesdays. But it cracked me up that he gets mad when watching golf on tv. It seems like the mildest sport ever!

  4. Oh Gia. It's almost too late. Golf is infectious. Even if you are resistant, clearly Boyfriend is not. Oh sure, golf is one day a week. Now. It will spread, like other cancers, and most male guts. Don't think that if you take it up, you'll get more Boyfriend time. Oh no. Golf is a harsh mistress. She wields the big whip of self-flagellation. Yes, that's just as dirty as it sounds. Don't go there.

  5. And yet I leep playing.

    Very funny stuff...a little too close to home though.

  6. Thank God Elvis Aaron Schwarz doesn't golf. He works and takes care of his dogs and watches out for me. If he ever tells me he wants to start golfing, I will (pretend) pass out, and that will be the end of it.


  7. NOTHING about golf is worth spilling popcorn!! Or missing kitty videos!!

    And, where's the new popcorn bowl??

  8. So... Are you asking him how golf went to be a super supportive and awesome girlfriend or are you doing it to antagonize him?

  9. Actually LOL'd at that last pic. Knocking popcorn over is almost unforgivable. Not cool boyfriend, not cool.

  10. I never understood golf myself. It's a ball and a stick, that's it.

    Actually, that describes an awful lot of sports, doesn't it.

  11. I'm trying to get Husband to take me golfing because I think I will be horrible at it, thus hilarity will ensue. So... you're telling me, he might not find that as amusing as I would? :\ Hmm.

  12. But did he use his soft golfing voice while he yelled at you?

  13. I HATE golf so much unless it's mini and there's ice cream and a windmill