Friday, January 20, 2012

Boyfriend's Golf Game

As I’ve referenced before, Boyfriend thinks I’m quite the golf jinxer. I strongly disagree. He claims that when he plays, something like this happens:

I think it was more of a convenient excuse for when he played a bad hole. And/or he gets super distracted by me because I’m so awesome and totally a sex goddess.

Anyway, I couldn’t have been that big of a jinx, because Boyfriend’s team won their tournament!  Remember, I made him a trophy already:
clicky to read

But last week, he got another! See:

He texted me a pic of it after his golf party last Friday. The following texting ensued:

Me: Fancy!!! Who gets to keep it?
Boyfriend: Everyone got one. Has my name on it!
Me: Oh holy crap that’s awesome!! It looks like you…the tall guy on it
Boyfriend: That is what someone else said too
Me: Yep. You’re clearly mvp. You’re my mvp!
Boyfriend: Didn’t even play! [Okay, the actual tournament was when he was vacationing in Oregon]
Me: You played all season
Boyfriend: Not in the playoffs
Me: Hey you got them to the playoffs
Boyfriend: Yeah ok
Me: Because I’m such a good luck charm!!
Boyfriend: Uhhggghhhgggg
Me: Did you just come?
Boyfriend: Stroke
Me: Yeah you were strokin’ it alright….

Anyhoo now that I've got the obligatory filthy texting out of the way, which trophy is better? It’s totally okay if you say mine, I’m sure Boyfriend won’t be upset.  


  1. I'd say you were scarily close in your Nostradamus-like prediction of what the trophy would look like. Yours is better though because it was made from like (I don't want to be so presumptuous as to say "love"). By the way, when do we get the Boyfriend guest post? Congrats to him being a champion (and having the best non-jinx girlfriend).

    1. Boyfriend guest post is underway! Hopefully you'll get it next week. I sent him everyone's questions, but our workplace has been a clusterfuck of disaster as of late. Long days for us.

  2. I love the text messages, you clearly won that! Also yours has , how do they say it...oh yea more personality, and no one weraing a cape can be a jinx!

  3. Hahahaha...... I LOVE your text exchange lol... great humor you guys have going! Sounds like a fun relationship :-) xx

  4. Yours is the better trophy by far! After all, you put more effort into making that trophy than Boyfriend did winning his right?

  5. If I was boyfriend I would get angry at a text during a golf game too...but he still won so it's water under the bridge!

    Your trophy has more character...therefore it's way better!

  6. The let down of the other trophy was probably that it was filled with some old woman's ashes.

    So I vote for yours.

  7. I love the fan blowing your sex goddess hair around - nice touch!

  8. How does Boyfriend function with a phone that doesn't have a zero button?? I like your trophy better, completely.

  9. You shouldn't tolerate noises like that from your boyfriend when he ejaculates. Next time insist that he moans words of adoration into your ear.

  10. I don't need a jinx to play bad at golf. No matter how far away or close a sandtrap or a pond is, the ball always lands right in it.

  11. Umm, clearly yours is the best. No question about that. I love that he got that fancy trophy while on vacay. Man, that is talent.

  12. His looks like a beer stein. So unless you wanted to drink beer out of the trophy, yours is clearly better. Although if you found a way to drink beer out of a drawing, you'd be kind of a pimp.

  13. Congrats. Your trophy is way cooler than the actual one. I feel that I am bad luck for my hubby. But he says that I am not. How many times I had to wear my blue dress you know? It didn't work.

  14. HA! You're obviously the MVP/good luck charm in this entire situation, by the way...after all, you made that smokin' trophy.

  15. Between your fancy trophy and your Super Girlfriend cape, there's no way you are a bad luck charm. Nope. No way.

  16. Girl, you are all sorts of crazy!! (In a good way of course!!) You crack me up.

    Have a great weekend :)

  17. hahaha. your trophy is cute with all that text on it.
    good luck charm.

  18. If he really didn't want your texts during his golf game, he'd have his phone turned off.

  19. He still golfs better than with or without those texts. :P

  20. Your trophy is definitely better. And as an English teacher, I appreciate that you took the time to include the apostrophe in "World's." (My standards are low these days.)

  21. haha how funny ;p
    thats a big trophy!
    hehe following

  22. I love caped sex-deities - brilliant!

  23. Boyfriend is a legend. How does he manage to tell you you jinx his game without pissing you off?

  24. That text exchange is priceless.

    His trophy kinda reminds me of an urn, which is creepy, so your trophy clearly wins.

  25. Congrats to boyfriend and his huge collection of trophies!

  26. Any trophy with an asterisk wins, so the first one. Definitely.

    (I went back and read your girlfriend letters and laughed out loud, which is saying something since it's only 7 am and I am NT a morning person.)

  27. I'll never look at golf the same way again. Mainly because of the "stroke". It made golf interesting. I didn't think that was possible. You rock, Gia. You rock.

    P.S. Your's is better. Yes ma'am!!