Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We Need More Holidays

So as I told you guys, I took off the Monday after Easter.  WOOHOO holiday!

But I did have work on Friday. It was torture.

While I was there, I realized we need a LOT more federal holidays. Because I need to be spending less time at work.  How about these:

1. Valentine’s Day
Yes, it’s a pseudo holiday already, but it needs to be a federal one.

2. The Day After Halloween
Two Words: Candy. Hangover.

3. National Cupcake Day
Self explanatory. 

It's a cupcake.

4. Ash Wednesday aka the First Day of Lent aka Diet Kickoff Day
Because this happens a lot:

For some reason, this bugs me. If you want to diet, diet. Don’t use Lent to diet and act like you’re being a model Catholic! You’re not “sacrificing” you’re trying to get a bikini bod by Memorial day! CALL IT WHAT IT IS. Diet Kickoff Day. Let's have off work because it makes us all grumpy. 

5. Fuck My Alarm Clock Day
The day after Daylight savings.

6. and 7. The first two days of March madness

Ugh. Kansas lost and fucked up my bracket royally. Not cool.
8. National Baking Experimentation Day

Followed by National Food Poisoning Day.

9. Wine Day
My personal favorite.

10. National Blogging Day
Everyone stays home and catches up on writing/reading blogs.

What do you guys think? Have any others to add to the list?


  1. Every day is Wind Day for the homeless dude who lives in the alley by my work. And Cupcake Day is December 15 (no joke, look it up) it's just not a holiday.
    I'd settle for going back to an actual 9-to-5 schedule. Somewhere along the line, some devious CEO figured out how to screw us all by saying an 8 hour work day doesn't include lunch. Now we all agree to be at our work for 9 freaking hours. Gimme my hour back, corporate dicks!

  2. I could go for Wine Day. And National Blogging day.

  3. Oh, I completely agree! I could really use the blogging day today...can we make that happen? And can I eat cupcakes on blogging day, because now I really want one!

    How about cuddle with an animal day? Some days I need to do that for my mental health.

  4. How about just a personal holiday where one can just pay homage to whatever she/he chooses to find it chocolate or The Price is Right or finishing a good book

  5. Wine day would be the BEST DAY. Also, everyday is Fuck My Alarm Clock Day... I just still have to go to work :( x

  6. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this! I especially like the day after Halloween day and the Cupcake Day... oh yeah!

    Thanks for the laughs!

  7. You forgot Wednesday. Every Wednesday should be a national holiday.

  8. I vote that Superbowl Sunday should be extended to a week long Bacchanalia. Also, employers and anyone waiting for anything to happen should expect nothing productive to occur during the entire FIFA World Cup schedule and during the Olympic games. I guess more official sports holidays are what I'm going for.

  9. I think the day after Wine Day would need a day off, also.

  10. I would like to see the fall back version of daylight savings happen every weekend.

  11. I feel your pain… I had Kansas too.

    My national holiday would be the Monday after the Super Bowl, just on the off chance my team is playing. Either I’ll be celebrating long into the night, or alternately pounding whiskey out of the bottle and slamming my head in the front door.

  12. Everyday is a holiday for me. We unemployed are simply having extra long celebrations. Without money.


  13. Oh YES, the day after daylight savings really does need to be a holiday.

    Or we could just finally get rid of daylight savings. Whichever.

  14. If we could have days off to watch eSport tournaments or play newly released games I'd be up for that.

    Bioshock Infinite has been slowly gathering dust for me. :(

  15. Yes to all of these, especially the day after Daylight Savings. Also, what about getting the day after St. Patrick's Day off? You can't expect us to stay up all night drinking ourselves stupid only to crawl into work the next day, some 3 hours later.

  16. Everyday should be National Cupcake Day, but I would like to see National Nutella Day.

  17. Cupcake, Wine and Blogging day need to be implemented STAT!