Monday, April 22, 2013

Bras and Other Random Things

This post is a total mishmash of stuff.

First. Did anyone see this story about bras?

To sum up:

It says that bras aren’t good for women, really (and in fact, can do more long term harm than good, in terms of sagginess).

Second. Game of Thrones [SPOILER ALERT!]

Soooo…. I watched the third episode of the season. This happened:

What? I have the hots for incest knight.

Third. How’s work going, you ask?

Fuck what, Gia?

There, I told you this was a mishmash. Excuse me, I need to go hang out in my new favorite place.


  1. Someone gave the University money, the professors there used that money and for 15 years, I reiterate, FIFTEEN YEARS, these professional professor perverts studied boobs. Yeah, that's a worthwhile use of donor and student tuition. Who are the women who agreed to participate in the study and allow Professor Perv to measure and fondle their bosoms?

  2. You think the hand being chopped off is bad? Just wait until the awkward, 10 minute long, extremely graphic sex scene between him and Brienne of Tarth.

    I'm kidding. I hope.

  3. Fuck everything pretty much sums up my work life as well. So thanks for that.

  4. I remember reading that in the book. I also really like Jaime but mostly because he's a hilarious asshole.

  5. I'll have you know that there are also a few studies that were done recently in Japan that say the same thing.

  6. I think your take on work is accurate.

  7. I had trouble getting dressed yesterday because it took a while to find the panties that matched my bra. Maybe I'll give up undergarments completely.


  8. One look at those old National Geographic Mags would tell you going braless is not good for boobs.

  9. I'm all for going braless at home but I'm not so sure about out and about. I think I'd feel too exposed. But then again I'm super modest about some things.

  10. The best part of my day is when I get to take my bra off. I am just not sure about that study, though. Did they take into account cup size? I have plentiful tatas, and I just can't believe I could go braless and they wouldn't end up down to my knees like those African tribeswomen. And what about those tribeswomen? They sure don't wear bras, yet major sagging. I just don't know what to believe!!

    I kind of have the hots for incest knight, too!

  11. Love you, Gia! You rock! Taking the bra off is the BEST part of the day!

  12. Holy cow! I might have to go braless tomorrow! I hope there isn't a maximum size cutoff!

  13. I take my bra off the second I get home. I do put it back on if I go out. Too afraid to go that far. Bras are expensive too. Think of all the money we would save. We could by so much wine!

  14. You gotta read the Game of Thrones books!! There's some effed up shit that goes down.

    I think I'd be sent home if I went to work braless... Or knock myself out.


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

  15. Death to bras! Sometimes I feel very "fuck everything". Those days are the worst!