Friday, April 12, 2013

March Madness Sadness

SIGH. So March Madness is over.  We did an office pool with 100 bucks. For the majority of the time, yours truly was in first place.

Going into the final four, I was still on top. I just needed one thing.
That's all. Just a little thing. 
And what happened, you ask?

UGH. 100 bucks was almost miiiine!!!!
I ended up in fifth place.

March madness sadness, y’all. March madness sadness.


  1. You dropped all the way down to fifth!?! That's harsh. Hopefully you got some sort of consolation prize for dominating up to that last game, like a donut or something.

  2. Aw, that sucks. My strategy is to pretend I don't care about the whole thing, like I'm too cool for March Madness. Which of course is totally insane.

  3. $100 could buy like, 100 $1 tacos.

    Ugh, now I could use a taco...

    1. Agreed. Man oh man, I can think of nothing better to spend $100 on.

  4. I totally missed out on March Madness this year. I saw a couple of people blogging about it, but somehow I didn't watch a single game. Mwahahahahaha.


  5. Tell Boyfriend to cheer up. At least he made the NCAA dance. He could've ended up in the Boyfriend NIT.

  6. That's still better than I would have done. I'm still trying to convince the people at work that celebrity poker is a sport.

  7. Ouch. At least you understand how it works though. I'm completely clueless so I'm impressed with your savvy.

  8. I probably would have been in last place... I'm totally proud of you!


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

  9. I do not understand those grids!!! But I did notice how hard it is to predict who will win, because it seemed like I kept hearing about unexpected defeats. So in that respect, 5th place is good! But when $100 that could have been spent at Five Below is involved, 5th place sucks!

  10. Looks really nice your post! :-)love the first pic, thanks for sharing!

  11. Aw sorry you're such a big loser. :( what's that saying? It's better to have almost won something awesome than not to have almost won something awesome at all?

    Yeah, I'm going with that.

  12. So sorry you missed out on the moolah but I am SOO glad it's over. Basketball... Ugh.