Friday, April 19, 2013

And Then I Made a Mess.

So Boyfriend and I were in his seaside house last weekend. It was a low-key night. We were just hanging out in the living room, and this happened:

It made a mess, y’all. It looked like a scene from Dexter. There was glass all over, and red wine splattered on the leather couch (ok) and freshly painted white walls (not okay).

Boyfriend was good though. He cleaned it all up and even repainted the part of the wall the next morning.

But back to that night.  After I killed the wine glass, we decided to go upstairs to the bedroom. I was helping Boyfriend make the bed…

Putting the bottom sheet on the mattress is SO HARD.
Technically, this time it was a big elbow gesture.
And then my elbow knocked into my glass of water.

 I grabbed my  iphone immediately, so that was fine. The rest wasn’t too big of a deal.

Yes, he got my water. Boyfriend = best.
The evening was not going my way.

And then Boyfriend threw a blanket on me.


  1. Ha ha ha! Extra boyfriend points for throwing the blanket on top of you like a parakeet. You're obviously a hand-talker, which means you just need to keep all fragile and liquid-containing objects away from you when you're speaking. Should be simple enough.

  2. Step away from the Waterford!

    OK, I'm still your style.

  3. Hmm, this sounds like me. I'll go months, even years, without tipping something over, and then in the course of a week or so, I'll break all of our plates and glasses. And no, I'm never pregnant, so there's really no excuse for that.

  4. Haha! My boyfriend was talking about a session in the gym once and managed to - quite literally - punch a full wine glass in half. I didn't know whether to be angry that he'd wasted good wine or be impressed xx

  5. sounds like my household... we had to buy containers that have lids so I don't knock them over.

  6. I broke two wine glasses and spilled probably 4 glasses all in one night. But I think you know why. (Read: I DRANK A WHOLE GIANT BOTTLE TO MYSELF MINUS THE ONES I SPILLED) {in case you didn't figure it out}

  7. You might like my post from Thursday about Elvis Aaron Schwarz and me drinking healthy chocolate-peanut butter protein shakes and how a lot of the shake ended up on my blue nightie. You have a great Boyfriend, and I have a great Elvis Aaron Schwarz.


  8. I have those days too. Everything goes wrong. I drop everything or I run into things. So annoying. Yay for Boyfriend being a good sport!

  9. So, when the blanket landed on your head did you think it was nighttime and proceed to fall asleep because it was suddenly dark? :P

  10. The important thing is that boyfriend was nice about it! I knocked over a wine glass once when I was a little bit tipsy. The guy I was dating yelled at me! That should have been my first clue things weren't gonna work out.

  11. Haha, I love this story. I AM upset about the wasted wine though...

  12. That is so funny. I've definitely had experiences like that. The worst, I think, was when I was doing dishes as a teenager, and I kept breaking dish after dish. My father was understanding at first, but then pegged me as breaking all the dishes in the house just to get out of the chore. How could I explain?