Friday, April 26, 2013

DARD: Spring Update

Me: Why, hello ducky!
Ducky: Hi Gia
Me: How’s ducks against raping ducks going?
Ducky: Um, okay.
Me: Just okay?
Ducky: Well, we’ve definitely cut down on local duck rape.
Me: Congrats!
Ducky: But have you watched the news? Human rape is a real problem!
Me: I know, I know.
Ducky: Like those two recent cases of girls being raped while they’re unconscious and later committing suicide because the rapists took pictures of it and they were tormented about it at school? 
Me: I know, it’s horrible
Ducky: Fuck yeah it is! Ducks don’t even do that to each other, Gia. DUCKS.
Me: Yep
Me: Rape culture is a problem here
Ducky: Yeah, no fucking joke that rape culture is a problem! Why do you teach girls not to get raped instead of teaching boys not to rape? It blames the victim!
Me: Well I personally don’t I mean I’m a feminist…
Ducky: You know what I mean.
Me: I can’t answer this question. 
Ducky: It’s terrible. I mean, what’s the point of giving out rape whistles if unconscious people are getting raped?!?! HMM??
Me: Not sure…
Ducky: I need to come up with a new pamphlet to hand out.
Me: Oh yeah?
Ducky: Yep, something like this:
Ducky is a real go-getter


  1. That awkward moment when ducks have more sense than humans.

  2. Your google exercise for the day. Find the video of the cat, wearing a shark costume, sitting on a roomba as it does it's thing, chasing a duck. No, I'm not pulling your leg. I watched it last night, and can't find the link. Somewhere on twitter. No, really, all involved look amused. There is no duck rape.

  3. Thanks for bringing up this topic. It's so upsetting, but our culture (in general) never seems to give up the boys will be boys thing.


  4. I agree with the horribleness of it all (I know, strong stance, right?). My only disagreement is that we all know DOLPHINS are the most rapiest of all animals.

  5. What the f?? This planet is going to hell in a handbasket if human boys think it's ok to rape girls when they're unconscious, take their pictures, and think it's an even better idea to show those pictures around. At this rate, the ducks shall inherit.

  6. If it makes you feel any better, a bus driver tried to rape an American soldier in Dubai.

    She broke his knife, beat the shit out of him, and he has a ton of charges being pressed on him now.

  7. Go Ducky! There need to be more 'ducks' like him in this world :)

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  9. Kat's comment is dead on. It's insane that our society blames the victim for something like this. Why is it solely a women's responsibility to avoid rape? Ugh. fucking America!