Wednesday, April 24, 2013

4/20! You Know What That Means!

For me and Boyfriend this year, nothing.

No getting potted up this year for us!
I don’t really care about weed, but as I have written before, Boyfriend occasionally partakes. 4/20 fell on Saturday, which is also his carb day. It would have been perfect. If he had any weed.

It’s Boyfriend’s duty to smoke on 4/20! As a lover of freedom and weed!

Sigh. If only.


  1. "I like it better when you're high." Ah the romance of your relationship. I agree, who are we kidding, a lot of people should be getting high. I work with multiple people who should be held down and forced to have pot smoke blown in their face. Also, loved the "Potted up on Weed" Easter egg.

  2. I, too, am an occassional toker, but this 4/20 was a very plain day for me. Nothing special to report on my end.

  3. Weed has never been attractive to me. I grew up fearing that if I even got near it, I'd get thrown in jail for the rest of my life. I did get high off of second-hand weed smoke at a concert once, though. That was pretty funny for everyone.

  4. When The Hurricane went to college, she told me the entire north campus smelled like pot. I asked, How do you know what pot smells like? She replied, You were the one who took me to a Beck concert when I was 13.


  5. There are states that don't allow mj still? I guess we really are spoiled in Cali. I for one had to spent the weekend in one of the smoking rooms of an inn in the San Francisco bay area.

  6. I got drunk on 4/20... Obviously, I got confused.

  7. Send him my way. As a Coloradoan, every household now grows it, it grows on trees, you can buy it in Wal-Mart, etc.

  8. So sad that the States legalized it faster than Canada. I always thought that we would get it first.