Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day Poem for Boyfriend

Boyfriend thinks valentine’s day is stupid. And I tend to agree. BUT, I still want to celebrate it and yes I know that’s crazy but I’m a girl and that’s how we roll. So I wrote this poem for Boyfriend. Sorry I’m not sorry it’s a little mushy.

I know I’m the world’s best girlfriend,
But Boyfriend, you’re pretty great too
So here’s all the reasons why
I’m so happy to date you.

You gave me internet when I had none
And let me steal all the good cable
I've grown into a Game of Thrones fan..
And you’re very handy around my place
Like when you fixed my table.

When we go out to dinner
You never make me pay

And you facetime with me
When I have nothing to say.

You eat what I bake on your carb day
No matter how bad it may taste

(Seriously, sometimes it's really bad
But you never let it waste.)

You tolerate my
Ridiculously rough feet

And you put up with me
When I regret what I eat.

Lastly, you rub my shoulders
When I’ve slept like a bug

And best of all
You know just how to hug!


  1. How sweet that was to read.
    You appreciate when he pays for your feed.
    Maybe invest in a pumice stone.
    Nothing in here about his bone?
    Sorry that last line was crude.
    I was out of rhymes so went to the nude.
    Damn I did it once more!
    Oh no, I set myself up to rhyme with "whore."
    I've sullied your beautiful sentiment
    Oh f*ck this, I'm not even going to try to rhyme with that. Happy Valentine's Day to you both (I support Valentine's Day, people don't have to buy extra things, just be a little romantic and mushy.)

  2. Now I'm feeling like I should write a poem for Mr. Flapper. He would like that. He's way more mushy than I. But , you know, lazy. Maybe I'll just let him rub my feet instead.

  3. That was an excellent poem. Much better than my plan to write a Joycean treatise on love in 157 parts.

  4. Love it! I think you should receive an bouquet of heart shaped pumice stones and wine! Ellen

  5. Aw, sniffle sniffle, I love it. Wildy jealous and all, but still, I loved it ;)

    Seriously, and I know everyone else that reads your blog agrees, I LOVE your and boyfriend's relationship. It's funny, and serious and a tiny bit sweet...perfect combination :)

  6. Yes! This reminds me, because you had mentioned it before and I was puzzled, when did you change your mind about GoT???


  7. Very nice. With that kind of poetic skill, you will definitely get some on VD! :)

  8. So sweet! And very clever, too! Boyfriend is lucky to have you for his Valentine :)

    That picture of you as a hunchback is pretty funny :D

  9. That's super sweetness right there. I love your love.

  10. I love it that you love Boyfriend.


  11. what I would give to see photos of you two and compare it to the cartoon versions! that being said, FANTASTICAL ROMANTICAL poem!

  12. "you will definitely get some on VD!"
    Wow when i was reading Misty's comment my mind left out an important word, the "on." Erf!

  13. Lovely blog valentine. I love the "slept like a bug" picture, I felt stiff looking at it. Happy Valentines Day

  14. Oh that's sweet. :)

    Also, why would you even think he'd let you pay? A gentleman doesn't let a lady pay.

  15. This is too cute. Hubby fixes things for me too. So romantic. And that pic of the attack hug is still one of my favs!

  16. The deep black pit that was once my heart twitched, if only for a moment. You guys really are amazing together.

  17. I'm impressing with your rhyming of 'hug' and 'bug'

  18. As the Slinky commercial says... this is awesome!