Monday, February 11, 2013

I. Am. Itchy.

So…how about this weather.

Last week it was cold and snowy in the northeast.

So I had to use my heat a lot. And my heat is INCREDIBLY dry.

Only a slight exaggeration
 So I’ve tried to compensate by using this kick ass humidifier:

But it’s still really really dry. And do you know what that makes me?

It’s really really bad. I’m scratching ALL the time. Even with Boyfriend.

And in bed:

Anyway, it’s really unfortunate. And it’s driving me nuts. And I don’t know what to do.

How many days til spring??


  1. I'm with you. At first I like Winter because I get to wear all the clothes that are otherwise neglected, but after a few months of this crap, I start letting my car idle a little longer, switch to aerosol hair spray, and using the hair dryer a bit too long. Screw Winter.

  2. So you are getting our winter. How nice! Been warm and sunny up here all last week, and projected for the coming week. And by warm, I mean just above freezing. Saw a guy on a motor bike. There are shorts and T shirts.

    What to do? What to do? Moisturizer. All over. Repeat as needed. Less clothing is good. I'm sure boyfriend agrees, and if you ask nice, he will slather the moisturizer on the parts you can't reach. He's probably happy to do other parts too.

    Except you're on a money spending diet. Good moisturizer is expensive. Decisions decisions.

  3. OH MY GOD, YES! It drives me insane. I have a humidifier at home, but the air at work is so dry and my space heater--although necessary--dries me out even more. It's ridiculous. I bathe in lotion and it doesn't even sad. I'm itchy.

  4. I am the same..I have a doc's appt this week and I'm just going to be like "MAKE THIS STOP" it's kind of freaking me out...the dryness.

  5. It's horrible. HORRIBLE. Sometimes I absent mindedly start scratching my boob or something while I'm talking to someone because I JUST FUCKING ITCH and I don't care anymore if I'm gross.


  6. Am I the only one who thinks your humidifier looks like a goofy cartoon elephant standing on its feet?

    I'm itchy too, but that's because of the psoriasis I inherited from my mother. Which is not exactly seasonal.

    1. You are not.

      If you see it as being pink however you may want to rethink your lifestyle choices.

  7. I hear ya! Tired of it already and only 1.5 months to go...hopefully! Can't keep enough lotion on.

  8. Gia--
    I live in the Panhandle of Texas, and we are as dry as the desert here, all year long. So for most of my life I've been on a quest for the best moisturizing lotion. A few months ago I finally found it. Try L'Occitan's Shea Butter Hand Cream. I slather it everywhere, so get the big one. It's $28, but so totally worth it!!

    C'mon Spring!!

  9. I am completely with you. I hate winter. Snow is pretty ONCE and that is when it is fresh and not trampled upon. When I tell myself I'm moving west or south, I then remember that you can shovel snow up here in the north, but you cannot shovel a hurricane or an earthquake. Decisions...

  10. I hear Aquaphor is really good and I don't think it's super expensive. I wouldn't stick it up your nose can just use vaseline. That is, if your cool elephant humidifier isn't doing the trick.

  11. I'm itchy all year round. I have eczema. It sucks shit. Elvis Aaron Schwarz has this little scratchy dealy for dogs that works quite well on my back (the itchiest place of all, except when I scratch my legs till they bleed -- and oh my god, does that feel good because when I bleed the itch goes away for a few minutes until I have to scratch the scabs. I'm not grossing you out, am I?).


  12. Fuck winter. What kinda heat you got? Radiator or forced air? Either way, don't shower in too hot water and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I made a baby oil and lotion mix and slather that shit 'pon mah legs daily AND I'M STILL OCCASIONALLY ITCHY. Winter is an asshole (but not Mother Nature, just the season. *absolves self of any Mother Naturely wrath after reading my winter is a cracked out whore comments* (because Mother Nature totally reads Gia's blog.))

  13. I've been itchy lately, too. And my lips have been super chapped for like a month now, which is never really an issue with me. I am definitely ready for spring too! Has that groundhog looked for his shadow yet? How much longer we got?

  14. I have to sleep with Vaseline on my lips or I swear they will fall off! My skin is rougher than Allie the Alligators!

  15. Ahaha the humidifier looks like R2-D2!
    Between the heater and my ocd hand washing tendencies, my skin sucks right now.

  16. use a runny mosturiser and wear very little clothes. it works for me. the mosturiser wears off and you're not asleep by then, put on some.

  17. I'm rubbing lotion all over my back as we speak. So itchy as well. :(

  18. Love the squinty one-eye and the cat burgler comment. :) COME ON, SPRING! xo

  19. You know what's great?

    Getting someone ELSE to scratch your itches! Soooo good.

  20. Damn you! Halfway through reading this post I started scratching my back. Now I've moved on to my belly.

    Damn you straight to hell Mayor Gia!!!

    But not really.

  21. Coconut oil! Extra virgin coconut oil, rubbed right into the skin. It's the only thing that keeps me from scratching until I bleed in the middle of a winter night.