Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Girlfriend Olympics Part II

Background:  Check out Monday’s post. I’m going over the categories that make up the Girlfriend Olympics and awarding myself medals where appropriate. I think you’ll find I’m being more than fair.

Where were we? Ah.


Description: Apparently boyfriends like sexytime. This is a shock to no one.
My qualifications: Well, I’m a sex goddess:

And there’s this of course:
Use your imagination. Or don't. 
Results: GOLD


Yes, GOLD.




Description: It’s not all about sexytime, you know. Girlfriends need to be good huggers, too.

My qualifications: Well, I’m a solid Boyfriend-hugger on a normal day:

But then I pull my super tricky climber move. I call it “The Clinger.”

Results: Gold, obviously. OBVIOUSLY.
Yay Boyfriend! You get a medal for this one too!
Okay, time to tally up the points…



Um. Okay. Here we go:


Description: I don’t know. Sleep isn’t that important.

Okay, okay.

My qualifications: I usually let Boyfriend sleep.

Ahem, that was kind of your fault for waking up and saying your chest felt weird.

Hey. Boob pain is serious.

OKAY okay! Hmph. We get the picture.

Results: I’m giving myself bronze for that one.

ANYWAY, let’s tally up the overall points!

Me: 305.21

Why, that’s enough to clinch the gold in the overall competition for the GIRLFRIEND OLYMPICS!
I believe that OFFICIALLY makes me the WORLD’S BEST GIRLFRIEND!!


  1. You've won more Gold medals here than the entire Australian team have managed. You are officially better than Australia!

  2. Instead of medals, wouldn't a giant trophy be more satisfying? And as best girlfriend, shouldn't you be really suspicious of the other girls sharing the podium? Especially that tall girl who won bronze in Sex Goddess.

  3. If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

  4. Wow, almost sweeping golds in every event. Your bronze in Letting Boyfriend Sleep is as disappointing as Phelps getting beat by one one-hundredth of a second. Train harder, Gia!!!

  5. Wow! Those other ladies are really good sports! They must. KNow they did not want to put in the hours of training necessary to beat you!

  6. The trophy idea sounds perfect. Fill 'er up with wine and you have a double prize!

  7. Clearly you're an American contender. They almost always sweep the gold medals. Or you might be Russian...Gia sounds like a Russian name (by way of Italy).

  8. The podium shot of the gold in "Hugging" is by far the one that should go on the cover of Sports Illustrated!

  9. Love the appearance of the knife - tres cute! And looky there! Boyfriend commented?! Awesome!

  10. I am rather jealous of that Clinger hug. Wish my girlfriend would do those too.

    Though, she does let me sleep when I want to. :P

  11. I have a few things to say here. Where to start?
    1) Your leg sticking out of the bed sheet? Instant classic and also, instant gold for the drawing. So funny.
    2) I think I have that same comforter but in brown? It's hard to tell from the drawing. Not that it isn't totally awesome because it is.
    3) I was kinda hoping to see Popcorn Spoon somewhere in the event line-up but then I realized that is really more for you than Boyfriend so I guess it should be DQ'ed.
    4) Seeing Boyfriend in the comment section is a teensy bit like a celebrity sighting. Just sayin'.

  12. *happy sigh* definitely what I was waiting for in part II! Love it :)

  13. I think it may be time to contact the Olympic committee to suggest some new events.

  14. This his hilarious and I adore you.

    Ps This post would be a good fit for this weeks theme on CheesyBloggers.blogspot, if you'd be interested in guest posting! :)

  15. A Gold for "Sexy-Time." Reminds me of something I heard many years ago (oh hell, I may have even said it. I can't remember).
    As if you needed any more of a reminder of what preoccupies men:
    "The worst I have ever had was wonderful."

  16. Letting Boyfriend Sleep isn't that big of an event so it's okay that you got bronze.

    See how supportive I am?

  17. This is a super fun way to blog! Very creative! Give urself Gold for being a creative girlfriend!

  18. Getting a gold medal in Sexy Time is so impressive you should put that on your resume. Or maybe you shouldn't. Couldn't hurt?

  19. A gold medal clinger! Hilarious.
    And a wee bit frightening for boyfriend.

  20. The cling is, and always will be, my favorite. I've been tempted to print it out and hang it on the wall. You carry it out so flawlessly. It's beautiful. It makes me feel a little emotional.