Monday, February 25, 2013

Grumble Headache Grumble

So, as I wrote about last week, I had a headache the weekend before. What I didn’t blog about, though, was how it came back on Wednesday and lasted the next 4-5 days. It was mostly on the right side of my face/head (though it jumped to the left one night).

t’s also why I was less active in the blogger/twitter world, in case anyone noticed or missed me (doubtful).
On Thursday, I went to the minute clinic, and was diagnosed with either a migraine or a sinus infection or something more serious but less likely.  

I also get super woozy when we start talking about arteries or anything blood related and I almost passed out

She gave me antibiotics in case it is a weird sinus infection and sent me on my way. On Friday, my eyes were still aching and my head/neck hurt.  I saw Boyfriend.
I gave up on doctors after this experience 

I started to feel a little bit better Saturday/Sunday. The pain felt like it was coming from my neck more, so I’m thinking maybe I pulled it somehow very badly, because I googled and it looks like a neck muscle can cause pain all over one side of your head including your forehead and eye.

I’m considering going to a doctor. We’ll see.


Has this happened to anyone else? And before anyone comments with scary advice about how I’m having ministrokes  or tumors or aneurysms or any equally horrifying things, this is not accompanied by a fever or dizziness or blurred vision or nausea/vomiting or disorientation.

Thanks bunches.


  1. Doctors should have to tell you what's wrong in rhyme, like Dr. Seuss. There was a doctor who knew how to deliver bad news.
    Sorry about your head
    You probably won't be dead
    But let this be said
    I'm not sure what's in your head!
    It's worrisome, you see
    Perhaps a clogged artery
    Or maybe Bell's Palsy
    Tis a mystery to me!
    There's one thing we can try
    Stuffing you in an MRI
    It would help if you were high
    Then you can kiss the pain goodbye!

    Maybe this explains why I'm not a doctor. I'm sure you're fine and like you said, probably tweeked something.

    1. What I'm hearing is, you think it's a blood clot and it's going to travel to my brain and kill me. Whimper.


    3. OMG! I love the rhyme.... we need dr like that!

  2. I hate going to the doctor, I literally only go if I feel like I'm moments from death. I hope you feel better soon, and I REALLY hope this isn't the chocolates fault! x

  3. I'm agree with Boyfriend just this are a dumbass! Just go to the doctor, girly!

    Because you always start with the simplest explanation, my best guess would be migraines, because I have them, and they are mostly always on the side of my face. Really, mine mostly focus right behind my right eye, and I sometimes I feel like my eye is being pushed out of its socket. Migraines can last for daaaaays, for sure. Have you tried taking Excedrin migraine? That can sometimes help me. But it doesn't work once a migraine really gets going. They have prescription medicine for that! Which is why, again, you should go to the doctor. Go!

  4. My real comment would make you pass out. Don't be a dumbass, go to the doctor. Oh, the payment required would make you pass out too. Life is tough all over.

  5. I can have a bad headache for a few days if I'm dehydrated (which, like a dumbass, I usually am), or if I have caffeine withdrawal. I had a headache for 3 days in a row this week and I'm just like "meh, more Aleve I guess."

  6. I don't have any medical advice for you (shocking, I know), but my experience was the opposite. I went to the doctor last week and the doctor was just like eh, you're probably fine. Just come back in 6 weeks if you're still feeling like this. A) I'm not feeling fine. That's why I'm here. I can't last 6 weeks like this. B) Why did I even come here today if you want to see me in 6 weeks?

  7. I had a headache that lasted for five days a couple of years ago. I didn't go to the doctors, and I'm still alive :)

  8. I get all woozy from blood talk too. I've passed out on a few occasions when people don't believe me and keep yammering about all the gushing blood.

    P.S. Just go to the doctor already! ;-p

  9. I had an ear infection that started as a head ache then ended up as a neckache, but it responded within a day or two to antibiotics.
    Don't you know the dangers of self-diagnosing on the internet?? :P I'd go back to the doc.

  10. Altering the amount of caffeine you consume could cause you to get a headache. This might not be relevant to you but I thought I would point it out as a possibility.

    Also, I pulled neck muscle several months ago and that caused me pain for a week. My head didn't hurt, just my neck.

    I hope whatever this is resolves itself and you get back to 100%.

  11. Poor Gia! I've missed you here in bloggyland!

  12. I'm sorry about your headache. I'm sorry that I didn't notice you were MIA on Twitter. I'm sorry about how much it is going to cost you to go to the doctor. Pretty much I'm sorry about this whole situation, but you did get a wonderful blog post out of it. So there's that.

  13. Go to a doctor, but I'd go to your PCP, who will likely have more time to figure out what's wrong.

  14. "It's not a tumor", that's what Arnold Schwarzenegger would tell you.

    Found you through ABFTS. New follower.

  15. No suggestions here but I hope you're feeling better. If not, and I quote Boyfriend "Stop being a dumbass!" and go see a doctor.

  16. Hellbaby's daddy has had a headache for days and days. Went to doctor, got steroids for a sinus infection, took steroids, still had headache, doctor sent him for an MRI! ("Probably nothing, just to be sure. . . Blah, blah, blah.) Have not heard results yet. Will get back to you. In the meantime, I hope your head's stopped hurting and if not, you've gone to the doctor.

  17. I hope it was a pinched nerve/sinus infection daily double...with some tension headache for the trifecta! Regardless, hope it's gone!

  18. Totally been there done that, sounds like a very inflamed neck muscle. Try something like Voltaren or Nurofen gel and a deep tissue massage and hopefully will help.

    See, I managed all that without mentioning anything scary or my other syndrome - where my brain overheats and gives me a headache. No kidding, there is a longer medical explanation, but that's essentially what happens to me these days. (I've had a headache for 6 months).

    1. Or you could be sensible and take boyfriends advice, was just trying to suggest over-the-counter options since can be so expensive over there. Also, what on earth is a minute clinic?