Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hugging: It's a Health Issue

One reader/tweeter, Melissa gave me a gift last week. She tweeted this at me:

 What is it, you ask? I’ll tell you. A link to this article:

It’s an article about an experiment where men and women hug and it lowers women’s blood pressure more than men’s.

 In case I needed an excuse, I now officially have a hug card.

It’s perfect, really.

Clicky to read

I coo, remember?

Happiest Gia ever.


  1. And hugs are free! Tell boyfriend to be happy your card doesn't say expensive dinners. Yay for Happy Gia!

  2. Hugging is the best! I wonder if they tested regular hugging vs. hugging with a little butt grab vs. hugging that turns into grinding vs. hugging while laying down (spooning).

  3. I love hugging. And spooning. From one clingy gal to another, I say hug away, it's better for you than eating a salad.

  4. This is adorable =3

    I wish you many happy continued cuddles!!!

  5. Aw, well now I have an excuse to hug random people. Human contact is lacking in my life.

  6. I loved this! If its for health reasons it's A-ok! The "uh-oh I feel is rising again" part had me cracking up!

  7. My boyfriend is the hugger and likes to cuddle. I can't let him see this! ha ha.

  8. It's taken my husband (not much of a hugger)almost a decade of marriage to realize that giving me a little squeeze when I'm feeling frazzled saves the whole family from the horrible wrathe of the mother wildebeest.

    Hugs rock.

  9. Awesome! I'm all about the hugs, and now I have a legitimate excuse!

  10. I love hugs. And I love scientific proof of anything, so now I love hugs more.

  11. Hugs are awesome. Especially koala hugs. :)

  12. So awesome! Always nice to have a health reason ;)

  13. You gotta wonder about the people in that brainstorming session:
    Let's do a study on the effects of porn.
    Yeah, let's do it.
    Naww, they'll never pay us for that.
    Yeah you're right. How about just hugging?
    Meh, ok.

    1. And, is it just me? Or does it really look like the person in that picture is just hugging himself?

  14. I believe it. Boyfriend should care more about your health.

  15. I'm not a hugger. But if it's for science then count me in.

  16. Hugging rocks! I asked Hubs if I could have a hug on our first date. His hugs are comforting, cozy, protective, and just flat out wonderful!

  17. Oh, excellent! I will bookmark that link for when I am in my relationship. Is it creepy that I'm already lining up my defense of hugging before I even have the boyfriend? I'm thinking 'nah'.

  18. I just read part of the article to Erik and he said, "Psychosomatic? That's like a placebo. It's all in your head".
    Me: Well, whatever. It just means you need to hug me more.
    Erik: I'll give you something to hug *hip thrust*
    Me: Now my blood pressure is rising because you're frustrating me!
    Erik: My work here is done.