Monday, November 21, 2011

Home Improvements

So, I spent the weekend with Boyfriend in his house at Seaside Town. He was planning on periodically renting out the vacation home over the summer, but someone contacted him about renting over Thanksgiving. He said sure, but there was a crap ton of stuff we had to do to get the house ready. It was a Home Improvement Weekend!

Boyfriend is very handy. I, in fact, am not. So through trial and error, I’ve come up with this uber helpful list of dos and don’t for helping one’s boyfriend make home repairs.

DO put things together.

Boyfriend bought this shelving unit that consisted of putting tubes in holes and sticking the shelves on top. No screws, no nails. Like playing with large tinker toys. I ROCKED that assembly.

I made those.

DON’T pretend to violate Boyfriend as he’s working on the garbage disposal under the kitchen sink. He will not appreciate it. No matter how sexy he looks.
*singing* that's the way uh huh uh huh I liiiike it uh huh uh huh
DO be morally supportive when Boyfriend must make 4th trip to Lowes. He WILL be cranky and/or disgruntled. 
I recommend pom poms.
If Boyfriend starts yelling at his podcast about taxes while he’s already cursing at the garbage disposal, DON’T interrupt. It probably won’t end well for you.

If Boyfriend is trying to figure out which circuit breaker switch controls the electricity in a room and asks you to let him know when the lights go out, DO tell him the truth. Mild electrocution is never funny.

Lastly, DON’T be distracted by taking pictures of Allie doing filthy things to his bird statues. Remember, you’re here to help Boyfriend!

(Don’t worry guys, you’ll get an update on her shenanigans soon).


  1. Mild electrocution is NEVER funny? C'mon, maybe a little. Since the weekend is over, I take it you both survived the weekend, relationship in tact. So that's good.

  2. HA! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hump rides my man while he's trying to fix something.

  3. We have a standing policy in this house that my butt can be slapped at any time...even if electricity is involved.

  4. What a supportive girlfriend you are! My wife delights in torturing me while I work on the house. As if plumbing problems and mild electrocution wasn't bad enough. But don't worry, I get her back when she's working on her crafts. I'm totally stealing that 'pretend to violate her' thing.

  5. I can be handy depending on the project. Look on the bright side, there was no ER trip!

    Btw... Medieval Times offers a vegetarian meal.

  6. Why haven't we heard from boyfriend yet??

  7. I wouldn't mind having my girlfriend violate me while I do work...

  8. TriGirl, Boyfriend is still exhausted from all the electrocution/lowes trips/violation/yelling at podcasts. He concurs with my list, though. And added something about "working in some damned peace and quiet" but I was too busy telling him about my really weird dream to really listen..

  9. Fair glad to know he can still talk after that weekend :) I was a little worried.

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