Monday, July 17, 2017


I sat down at my computer to blog about mosquito bites and drew this:

I've maybe used that line before...

And then I remembered I already wrote about mosquito bites a few years ago, so I decided to include that post too. Here you go!


As we’ve discussed, I walk (and now fish) on the duck rape trail. It’s on the water, so there are lots of mosquitos.  And it’s summer, so I’m also suffering from sunrash.

For some reason, they really like me.
Like, seriously like me.
It’s bad. Boyfriend and I will take a walk and come back looking like this:
So I bought some heavy duty bug spray and used that before our walk.
And yet we come back like this:
These are some tough mosquitos.
The worst part is the morning after a walk, when I’m lying in bed relaxing. And all of a sudden I feel it. IT, you guys. The itch.  I can’t help it. I’m a scratcher. Remember Boyfriend and the eye poking? I have nails and I NEED to use them. I spend all day contorted into weird positions so I can get some good scratching it. Plus, the scratching makes the bites bigger and redder, until it looks like I have welts all over my legs. And like I said, it’s sunrash season. I end up looking like this:


Sigh, I suffer. Do you guys get all bit up? And if not, WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?!?!                                        


  1. Now I'm itchy just from reading this post. Thanks a lot.

  2. I live in one of the biggest mosquito capitals in the world and it's been years since I've gotten bitten. I have no idea why mosquitoes don't like me. If I ever figure it out, I'll bottle it for you.

  3. Mosquitoes love me, so I don't go outside unless I muse. Sometimes they bite me on the way from the house to the garage, or during the two minutes I stand on my deck encouraging Penelope to go potty. I put Benadryl Children's Gel on my bites. It has to be the children's gel. The adult stuff doesn't work.


    1. Unless I muse? Unless I must! The Queen of Grammar has lost it.

  4. I'm outside constantly - one of my favorite things in the evening is to swing in the hammock chair on my balcony - and the mosquitoes never pay me any mind. I'd be offended that I'm not their taste, but, well, I can live with that.

  5. Oh, I feel your pain. I recently had to do yard work, covered myself in heavy duty, probably giving me cancer DEET mosquito spray all over my body, but the cunning mosquito found the one place I didn't spray: my mouth. I ended up looking like I had a herpes sore for a couple weeks...and it was itchy. To the people who say, "don't scratch," HOW? How do you not scratch an itch? I don't get it. Death to all mosquitos.

  6. I live in one of the biggest mosquito capitals in the world and it's been years since I've gotten bitten.