Monday, July 10, 2017

Chaos Kitty

On Saturday, I went to Boyfriend's house to hang out. We were sitting upstairs with the Doggo and one of his kitties (Milo), when this happened. 

It's not shocking that the other cat, Archer, would get into trouble. Boyfriend went downstairs to investigate. 

So then Doggo, Milo, and I rushed downstairs to see what the commotion was about. 

Yep. Archer was rampaging through the house with a real mouse squeaking away in his mouth. 

Boyfriend and I chased Archer around to try to get him outside, while Milo tried to investigate what exactly was happening and Doggo jumped in on the fun. Here's my artistic rendering of the event. I call it 'Chaos Kitty'

Yep. I'm thinking of getting a mural of this painted in my apartment. 

Anyway, we finally got it outside and Boyfriend put the mouse out of its misery (RIP). Archer spent the rest of the night preening. Doggo settled down fairly quickly, and Milo stayed confused about what happened. 


  1. It's like a French farce except without all the slamming doors!

  2. I'd like to imagine that whole chaotic rendition sped up and played to the tune of Yakety Sax, ala Benny Hill.

  3. Well done! It's much better than having the mouse take over the house, and I have lived in some houses where mouses have taken over and it was not fun. They poop constantly and chew on things.


  4. Was this a bad thing? The only reason I tolerate the stray cats that roam my yard all the time is the hope that they'll keep the mice at bay.

    1. Not "bad"...we mostly were surprised and wanted to get it out of the house and control the chaos. No one wants to see a huge dog and two cats ripping apart a dead mouse on the carpet.

  5. I'd like to imagine that whole chaotic rendition sped up and played to the tune of Yakety Sax,


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