Friday, November 18, 2011

A Short Friday Post Because I’m Drinking Rather Quickly on Thursday Night

Wow this week was long. I’m working on a post about the Wooing of Boyfriend, but I had to work late tonight and I have to pack and I’m drinking so it just ain’t happening tonight. However, there are two important things I need to go over:

Remember that time I was right about the snow? And I created that picture that said I was right and stated how I wanted to use it as often as possible? Well, guess what, I WAS RIGHT AGAIN.

This time, it was about the movie Red State. Boyfriend and I both aren’t really a fan of horror/torture movies. But he listened to a bunch of podcases about it and said it was on Netflix and he wanted to watch it. The following convo took place:

Boyfriend: Do you wanna watch it with me or should I watch it by myself?
Me: Umm…. [trying to be the coolest girlfriend ever but also knowing I’m a wuss] maybe?
Boyfriend: Are you scared?
Me: No! Ummm…I kinda wanna see it.
Boyfriend: You don’t have to look during any bad parts.
Me: Yeah, and we’re not watching it on a big screen. Just my tiny laptop
Boyfriend: It’ll be fine.
Me: [the coolest girlfriend in the whole wide world] Okay

Famous frickin’ last words. We watched it Wed night, and that shit was fucked up! I mean the whole thing got pretty bloody, but there was one particularly awful scene that stayed with us the rest of night . I won’t tell you the ending, but if you want some advice, then SPOILER ALERT [highlight to read]: Don’t get invested in any of the characters. Anyone. Seriously. Also, stay away from saran wrap.

Anyway, it left Boyfriend pretty disturbed too. So THERE! I was RIGHT! It was a terrible idea to watch this movie.  Sure, I didn’t say “It’s a terrible idea to watch this movie,” but Boyfriend could sense my reluctance. Unfortunately, instead of being like this:

I’m more like this:
Goodbye, innocence.
2. I’m going to seaside town with Boyfriend this weekend! YAAAAY! Allie’s coming too. She’s been feeling a bit insecure after those things imaginary reader was saying about her, so I decided to bring her along this time. I hope the witch doesn’t find us.

Ok, it’s time to drink and pack and hope I don’t forget clean socks and underwear and deodorant because I did too much drinking before packing. Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. The picture of you in the corner is hilarious. I felt the same way after watching that movie. It's messed up. I liked it because it defied every movie convention, no character narrative, no respect for any character at all really, and all the acting was really good.
    Have a great weekend trip!

  2. Glad to hear your opinion on Red State. I hate horror movies but love Kevin Smith and for the past 6 months I've been hearing about it on the podcasts. I didn't mouse over your spoiler, but maybe I should so when the husband inevitably downloads it I'll know what's coming? Or maybe I shouldn't?

  3. Ah, fucked up movies. Most excellent. I suggest you google Taxidermia and The Serbian Film. That shit will make Red State look like Toy Story.

    I'm here after Pickleope did his shout out to you. He's a good guy because thanks to him, I'm following yet another awesome blog.

  4. Pickleope, that is an EXCELLENT description of it.
    TriGirl, my spoiler wasn't too spoilery. If you can handle a little bit of torture, you'll be okay. If not, you'll be deeply disturbed, like me and Boyfriend.
    Cranface- I should probably not google those movies. But I have no self control, so I'm about to. Le sigh.

  5. I do need to watch that movie, and then come back and read your spoiler... but ThanksKilling is not scary, it is gross, but laughable, and totally not plausible, which is what makes things scary, in my opinion, at least.