Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weekend. Pumpkin. Snow.

Boyfriend and I carved a pumpkin on Friday. Well, actually I carved a pumpkin while Boyfriend politely napped on the couch behind me. Well, a pumpkin was carved while both Boyfriend and I were present. 

Boyfriend thought it was childish/juvenile/a weird “daddy” thing, but I thought it was a sweet coupley thing for us to do. So we unintentionally came up with a great compromise: Boyfriend slept and I carved my little pumpkin heart out. It actually worked really well. I carved in peace, and woke Boyfriend up when I needed attention (by pouncing on him? Maybe.)
He likes carbs.
Unfortunately, the $4 pumpkin carving razor snapped (remember: poor) before I could finish, so it came out slightly…unpolished.

It's supposed to be a bear. Don't laugh.

So then Boyfriend and I chatted and I told him it’s gonna snow tomorrow and he accused me of being one of those weather-channel watching, fear-mongering snow-panickers.  (FORESHADOWING ALERT!!) Then tired Boyfriend drove home and I worried about him crashing all night.

Saturday morning, I wake up and OH HOLY SHIT IT’S SNOWING! It’s a blizzard in October!
I intend to reuse this picture as often as possible.
I make big plans to do nothing, and Boyfriend and I text snow-related nonsense throughout the day:

Boyfriend: It’s a hunker down and watch college football day
Me: I’m gonna do a puzzle maybe and cuddle with an imaginary cat
Boyfriend: You can prepare for your crazy cat lady future

and later, when I realize I can't  upload my pumpkin photo on to facebook:

Me: My blackberry is acting up. Won’t connect to servers.
Boyfriend: All communications is down!!! Snowmageddon!

and even later:

Me: I feel like showering is optional today
Boyfriend: Nooooo
Me: Really? I’m surprised you feel strongly about it.

For the record, I showered. I didn’t really need to, because the costume party I had to go to got postponed til next weekend. I did it to keep warm, because Roomie and I were having a sliiight crisis where the pilot light was off on our heater and because it’s a million years old we couldn’t figure out how to even get to the panel open to turn it on so we spent the day frickin’ freezing. Our landlord was less than helpful (she’s currently out of the country) and the person she put in charge for us to contact (her boyfriend) lives six hours away and told us to call landlord’s uncle because “he’s good with stuff like that.” 

Luckily, Roomie’s dad managed to talk her through it over the phone. There was a lot of yelling on her end, but I’m not complaining because she pulled through and that is the sole reason I’m not a solid block of ice right now.

I ended the day texting with Coworker:

Coworker: I may or may not be wearing my costume on the couch [She also had a party to go to.]
Me: What are you again?
Coworker: Blues Brothers
Me: You and your dog? [her bf was out of town]
Coworker: Well fine. Right now I’m *A* blues brother.
Me: I’m dressed as a girl wearing sweatpants from high school and a sweatshirt from college because I spent the day cold as fuck.

a second later
Me: OMG OMG HOCUS POCUS IS ON ABC FAMILY RIGHT NOW. [<----- high point of my day]. Hello childhood!
Coworker: I know!!! AND practical magic is on Netflix!!!
Me: That kitty from Hocus Pocus looks cuddly.

And that’s how I ended up curled up on my couch in sweats, drinking wine, and ogling talking cats on TV.


  1. That pumpkin is not bad at all, especially since you had the knife break.
    It's good that you don't rub it in and are gracious in your correctness.

  2. This is hysterical. I too spent that weekend debating a shower and watching Hocus Pocus. Binx is the shit!