Monday, March 5, 2018

Living Like Kings

Big news, everyone.

You guys don't understand. This is what the bed is like when I'm at Boyfriend's house:

Remember, the leg issue?

And this is what it's like now:
Yes, crowns.

It's glorious, you guys. GLORIOUS. 

My only beef is that there's SO much space, it's harder to cuddle. I have to "swim" over to Boyfriend's side and and back. Sigh. I'm working on a contingency plan though. 


  1. But is that better for the cats or worse?

    Did anyone even think to consult the cats before making this decision?

  2. The space a cat takes on a bed is always the same proportion of it, regardless of the size of the bed.

  3. There's nothing sweeter than a king-sized bed! congrats!

  4. This is how I ended up with extra cats....

  5. Now you have plenty of room for more cats. At least one, anyway. You know how they are.

  6. We don't have the pets, but we recently switched to a king too. I agree; the space is nice, the cuddling is more challenging.

  7. Regular King or California King? They should make two sizes of Queen too, like Drag Queen which is the size of a King, but it's fancier and way more fun. I think there are reasons why I'm not in the mattress business, but I don't know what they are. Congratulations to you and Boyfriend for the life upgrade.