Monday, March 12, 2018

No, this is not about the porn star payoff scandal plaguing the clownstick in the oval office. 

Here, let me tell you about last week in verse:

There once was a girl named Gia
Who lived in an apartment with her Kitty
A storm came real bad
It made them real sad
And the electricity decided to quitty. 

Yep I lost power. It sucked. What about Boyfriend, you ask?

Gia's Boyfriend lived a few miles away
And his power stayed on - hooray!
But the snow there fell worse
And it made Boyfriend curse 
And now he wants to move far away.

Hope my fellow east coasters fared alright!


  1. So long as they have internet in Costa Rico so you can keep posting, I'd be all for it.

    Maybe you can get some more limericks out of it!

  2. Costa Rica has been a favorite with the locals this year. Hurricanes don't hit there too often.

  3. I think "where's my dog, all I see is snow" is a line from Scarface. Just have some patience, thanks to Global Warming Costa Rica will be under water and where you live might be the new Florida!