Monday, February 26, 2018

Fix my kitty.

Let me be clear. I love my cat. 

Seriously, she is my favorite item in my apartment. 

But...I'm a little frustrated. Boyfriend's cats are like this:

And my sister's cats are like this:

seriously the one cat just melts into her

But my cat is like this:

I'm considering turning off the heat in my apartment. The only time she does hang with me is during the night in the winter. Honestly, I'm 80% convinced it's just because it's dark out. 

Anyone ever have luck making their cats cuddlier? 


  1. I've just had a cat around for about a month now, and it seems arbitrary to me. He was right around me a lot when he got here, and then he seemed to stop. But intermittently, he does gets very clingy.

    Presumably, because he is manipulative, I assume he's loving when he wants something. But I haven't figured out what he wants (except around food time), so he'll have to work harder.

  2. Your cat has no respect for you. None. It is playing you like a cat toy. Or a chump. And you let it by being needy. You want cat affection, you have to behave like a cat.

  3. My cat HRH was the same way. NOT a cuddler at all. Wouldn't even let me pick her up. But when she got old, all of a sudden she was on my lap every time I sat down. I was her favourite heating pad in old age. I was glad to be of use.

  4. Some cats are cunts. That's all. No reason for it.


  5. Don't they have to mark you or feel like you're their property in order to cuddle? I think you have to let your cat piss on you, then it'll feel a sense of clan ownership over you and insist on cuddling. It's the only way, you have to accept your cat's golden showers. Good luck.

  6. When they get old they start to get really lovey. I have a siamese that just started liking me. He is seventeen.