Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Boyfriend Likes Fishing

[Time for another throwback Thursday! I figured this one would be appropriate because it's almost fishing time again. Also, that canadian geese question still stands.]

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I was walking along the duck rape trail the other night (it’s along a stream). This texting happened between Boyfriend and I:

Me: The stream says its stocked with trout.
Boyfriend: WHAT!!!
Me: Oh is that good?

Boyfriend: Very. Why isn’t anyone fishing on there now?
Me: Is it trout season now?
Boyfriend: Yes
Me: Hey what do you do if a Canadian goose attacks you? Asking for a friend.

Boyfriend: Need a special license for trout, but can get it online.
Where did you hear this?
Me: From here:

Boyfriend: Cosi fan tutti!
Me: Huh?
Boyfriend: Amazing
Me: Did I do good??!?
Boyfriend: Very!!

You guys. I’m back on my game.
However, I soon realized this:

So, we went fishing on Saturday. Unfortunately, it didn’t result in a fish. Although when I was holding the rod (that’swhatshesaid) something pulled on it for a second. And Boyfriend got a bite but it got snagged on something under the water. So, we didn’t catch a fish. But if we HAD, I imagine it would have looked like this:

WOOHOO! (But I'm serious guys. Anyone have any advice for when a bunch of canadian geese inevitably attack you for walking by them daily?)


  1. When they come rushing at you with their wings outstretched, and making that hissing noise, it's a sign they want you to get down on your knees and give them a big friendly hug.

    (If you believe that I've got a bridge that would look perfect in your apartment.)

  2. Don't walk by them, they can be nasty, especially if nesting. A big stick might help, but use it backing up.

  3. The geese around here are nasty, and every time I go biking they all line up and block the trail. Then they just stand there, honking angrily at me, like "come at me bro." So I do. I have to blast full speed through them, in order to get them to jump out of the way. One time one of them tried to lunge at me, so I had to kick it in the face. When I looked back behind me, it was still waddling after me in anger.

    I'm sure none of this was helpful to you.

  4. Say "Duck, duck, ..."

    "Come on, guys, duck, duck, ..."

    *Hands out, palms up--give them the hopeful eyebrows*

    "You got this, guys: Duck, duck, ...?"

    "Lookitwasgooseokay?! That should have been a slam-dunk; you aren't even trying, are you?"

    Your overwhelming disappointment in them should hold them at bay.

  5. As a Canadian, I hate Canadian geese. In fact, most of us do. They're such assholes. It's illegal to injure or kill them here, but in the States? Probably not.

    Get boyfriend to beat one in the face with a shovel, that'll teach them. Then beat another one in the face just for me because I can't do it.