Monday, March 31, 2014

P-p-p-p Poker Face

Boyfriend recently suggested I learn how to play poker because I like some other card games.

This was probably a bad idea.

 I was so hopeful...

...and so let down.

Ok, I still have a lot to learn. Leave your best poker tips in the comments! (Also, if you play online, let me know where. I'm looking for reputable sites that won't get my computer all spammy.)


  1. Why is it most poker terms--and the word "poker" itself--sound like sexual innuendo? All-in, backdoor, bad beat (ewww), inside straight draw (that's for the trans sex workers out there), splash the pot, loose play, tight play, etc.
    Good luck with your new found gambling addiction.

  2. One of us is awesome at poker and has won a few thousand dollars in tournaments. The other is absolutely awful. Guess which one is commenting?

    My advice: always bluff really high, and always giggle when they say "flop." It's never not funny.

  3. I think I'm too excitable to play poker with actual people. Robots? Sure. But not people... They'd be able to tell my hand before I knew if it was good or not.



  4. K plays poker online for real. Then he cashes in and gets $100 checks sent from banks overseas. Me? I fail miserably so I stick to black jack. It's easier for me.