Monday, March 3, 2014

Boyfriend’s Vacation, Revisited

So, remember how Boyfriend was supposed to go on vacation last week?

Here’s an unfortunate update.

Anyone else getting totally fucked over by this late season storm?

[UPDATE: Welp, I spoke too soon! Boyfriend moved some of his flights around and managed to salvage part of his trip. I miss him already. WAHHHHH.]


  1. Not getting fucked over by the storms, but I hate how much it costs to cancel and change flights. Bitch, don't tell me it costs $500 for you to lazily click a dropdown on your computer and change the date on my flight. That's BS.

    Whenever I can, I fly Southwest. They can change anything (within 24 hours I think) for free and you can cancel for free, too. It just gives you a credit of the same value toward your next flight. See, other airlines? Not rocket science.

  2. Poor boyfriend. But yay for boyfriend staying!

    We got fucked pretty badly a few weeks ago and then there was supposed to be more snow today. It started coming down quickly and my work place was like, "Nope!" and closed at 9:30... the snow all but stopped an hour later. So yay extra day off!

    But yeah, the weather can stop.

  3. What bad luck for him! Did you by chance use a voodoo curse? ;)



  4. I'm in it. Totally overrated. One whole day of hard rain. The end.