Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Valentine's Day Poem for Boyfriend

Yes, I'm reposting my Valentine's Day poems for last year. They're pretty good, and also Valentine's Day kind of snuck up on me this year and I didn't have time to create another awesome V-day post. Yay Throwback Thursday!
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Boyfriend thinks valentine’s day is stupid. And I tend to agree. BUT, I still want to celebrate it and yes I know that’s crazy but I’m a girl and that’s how we roll. So I wrote this poem for Boyfriend. Sorry I’m not sorry it’s a little mushy.

I know I’m the world’s best girlfriend,
But Boyfriend, you’re pretty great too
So here’s all the reasons why
I’m so happy to date you.

You gave me internet when I had none
And let me steal all the good cable
I've grown into a Game of Thrones fan..
And you’re very handy around my place
Like when you fixed my table.

When we go out to dinner
You never make me pay

And you facetime with me
When I have nothing to say.

You eat what I bake on your carb day
No matter how bad it may taste

(Seriously, sometimes it's really bad
But you never let it waste.)

You tolerate my
Ridiculously rough feet

And you put up with me
When I regret what I eat.

Lastly, you rub my shoulders
When I’ve slept like a bug

And best of all
You know just how to hug!


  1. Well I missed it last year so I'm glad you reposted it. I am very familiar with the nothing-to-say facetime situation!

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog this is the most hilarious and cutest thing I have ever seen :-)

  3. I think I remember this post. I might have even commented that you should rub body butter on your feet after a shower. No need to have rough feet.