Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday Things I've Rediscovered as an Adult: Bathtumbs

...because I've recently rediscovered bathtubs again. Sitting in water is underrated and awesome.

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Remember how I had that ass pain awhile back?

Well, I read that warm baths helped. So I’ve recently rediscovered the joys of bathtubs. It went something like this:

It was awesome. Until this part, approximately 85 minutes later:

I hate getting out.

What? I wrap my hair in a towel. NBD.

I don’t want to see my water bill this month. 


  1. You can run more hot water before you get out. Get really nice and warm and you'll feel good. Better yet, take a bottle of wine and a glass when you get in the tub. That will keep you cozy, too.


  2. At least you can fit in your tub. I can't. So either my torso is out of the water, or my legs are.

    But yes, really good for leg and back pains.

  3. i have to take baths because the shower doesn't work here, it is good for like 20 minutes. BUT I run out of bubble bath...turns out shower gel or shampoo can work as a substitute...just do not use washing up liquid....

  4. Baths are great, but you're right about the lukewarm water. That makes it awful when you get out. And there's such a small window of time between "warm, blissful happiness" and "freezing my ass off, holy shit" water. Definitely not a good time there.

  5. I always feel weird in baths. It's like I'm just sitting on my own dirt.