Friday, December 6, 2013

Catch Up?

This isn't a real post, sorry. I'm having a busy week and Boyfriend and I don't have a podcast ready because of the Thanksgiving holiday. In the meantime, do you need to catch up on any of the old ones?

[Note: You can click the link for the full post that introduces the blogcast, or just listen to them all directly from here.]

Blogcast 1: 10/17/2013 

Blogcast 2: 10/25/2013

Blogcast 3: 10/31/2013

Blogcast 4: Fa la la la Rum Balls (11/15/13)

Blogcast 5: Grumpy Boyfriend (11/19/13)

Blogcast 6: Popcorn and Things (11/22/13)

Blogcast 7: It's Almost Thanksgiving (11/27/13)

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  1. Does Boyfriend also find the "office creep" to be a creep? Have you farted in front of each other? What's your policy about going to the bathroom in front of each other? Burlesque dancers: artistic expression and celebration of sexuality, or too chubby to go full stripper?

  2. Will Boyfriend visit me and maybe hop into bed with me and call me "Darling Janie" and say, "Oh, Janie. I never really loved Mayor Gia. It's you I want. Older women are so talented because of their experience"?


  3. You lured me here on false pretenses. Shame on you. Send me some cookies as a penance.

  4. Take all the time off that you need. I haven't exactly been punctual with my posts lately either. :P