Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blogcast 3: 10/31/2013

Seriously, it is.

Warning: this podcast will make you want chips.

Woohoo we did another podcast! I think we're getting the hang of it now. Also, we're trying to get it on itunes, but I'm running into an RSS issue because this site is a blog AND a podcast and I'm dumb. But I'll figure it out. 

Anyway, let us know what you think in the comments or tweet at me!

or download it here 


  1. Why aren't you out trick or treating?


    1. P,S. I think the two of you should have your own talk show. I want you to be rich, and I want to see what my longed-for children look like.

  2. I've had to pause this because the crunching made me hungry!! xx

  3. Weed, ipads, and pie sound like a great way to spend Halloween!

  4. I don't remember what we were supposed to be mad about...but Gia I ate most of a family sized bag of chips yesterday while hoarding the bowl from friends (and I was at their house). I have decided that rather than take responsibility, I am going to blame your crunching and say it got into my subconscious mind.

    In other news: yay! More pod!