Friday, October 25, 2013

Blogcast 2: 10/25/2013

Boyfriend and I recorded another podcast! We've decided to call it a blogcast. I hope we invented that, but I'm not really sure. 

Topics of discussion this time?

This one is a little disorganized (see picture above), but it was fun to record! Let us know what you think in the comments or tweet at me!

(or download here)


  1. The term Podcast comes from occupied France during World War II. When the Germans severed communication lines, the rural areas around Lyon invented a new form of communication that the Germans wouldn't be looking for. They split open a pea pod, rolled up tiny notes, and sealed the pea pod up again. They would then leave these in dead drops around the countryside.

    Of course, these pods used to decay over time, so the French started making plaster casts of them and painting them green. These podcasts wouldn't rot away and provided a fantastic means of exchanging information under the nose of the occupying forces.

  2. "Podcast: N, a neologism originally created by the late 90's unlistenable band P.O.D. when the singer broke his jaw and arm, and, while it did not affect the quality of the music, he did have to sing through a jaw cast, casting his voice into a recording microphone. They named the subsequent album, 'P.O.D.cast'. The result would not be considered 'singing' but rather mumbling, incoherent talking, and giving rise to the medium of podcasting." You're welcome.
    Have you submitted these to iTunes? I'd like to subscribe, leave a review, rate, stalk, create an alternate identity and spray paint irreverent things on alley walls (that one is just for me, I am Banksy), help make you super popular, then turn on you like the undercover hipster I am.
    Also, I vote for "Brick" just because there couldn't be a more hilariously inappropriate song for your relationship-driven blogcast.

  3. I think I'm falling in love with Boyfriend because his voice is just sooooo smooth. I want to hear that voice whispering in my ear every night in bed.


  4. Ummm, I do believe you blogged about that "incident" if it involved some sort of eye-poking? In fact, it's on your sidebar. Or was that a different incident?
    Also, the term "podcast" evolved because the only people who created them at first were pasty, translucent 20-somethings still living in their parents' basements. They were *lovingly* referred to as "podpeople" because they were really creepy super freaks (and not in the Rick James kind of way.)

  5. Whoa, your voice isn't as high pitched as my head canon and boyfriend has a surprisingly nice voice.

    But that just might be because my headcanon for him is really gruff because of how much he complains in your blog.

  6. Get these on iTunes! I'll subscribe too.