Friday, November 22, 2013

Blogcast 6: Popcorn and Things

Yes, this blogcast features me making popcorn and it exploded everywhere.

I did though, here. Look:

Anyhoo here it is:
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  1. I giggle less when I look at my student loan debt.

    This podcast would be better with boobs. Chicks, man.

  2. Whoa, you may be right, Carmen San Diego may be stealing to save up for gender affirmation surgery! I may be over thinking Carmen San Diego.
    If I am supposedly the only listener, then I can't be a guest. That would be the snake eating its own tail. (Though it would be my Batkid make-a-wish moment.)
    Nothing made me laugh harder than Boyfriend saying "Cock sucking faggot, why did I write that?" I would hopr anyone who wrote that phrase down would know why.
    And please, I beg you, no more eating crunchy things on the pod.

  3. This is my favourite Podcast so far. You guys talked about some interesting social issues today, plus you answered my question much better than I anticipated. It made me dream of the many possibilities of teacakes across different strands of reality, which made me so hungry I had to lie down for a while.

    However, I find your lack of knowledge disturbing when it comes to bread products. You don't know what a teacake actually is, nor do you know what crumpets are. Well, I wouldn't be the person I am today (hungry) if I let this slide and didn't educate you. Consider this your first lesson.

    Crumpets are delicious round pieces of bread that are filled with holes. The beauty is that, when you toast them and smear butter over them, they are porous. That melted butter goes right into the centre of the crumpet, meaning that you get mouthful after mouthful of buttered goodness everytime.

    A teacake is like a bread cob with currents in it (dear God, please tell me that you know what a cob is. My people have fought wars for centuries over the definition of a cob). You serve and eat them like scones, but they are generally bigger and not as creamy.

    Anyway, I hope this goes some way towards expanding your minds/diets/waistlines.

  4. Your analysis of the Middle East is outstanding. I will be your celebrity guest (I have a mention on Wikipedia), and, yes, I will sit on Daddy's lap.


  5. One of my first posts was about how people who flaunt the Confederate flag are essentially associating themselves with losers because, believe it or not, people in Massachusetts actually showcase the flag. There was a woman who was all upset on the news in MA because she had to take her "memorial" Confederate flag down. She lives in the northest of norths!

    Anyway, just started listening to the Podcast, but you guys are pretty damn hilarious. And I learned quite a few things, too. I'll be sure to tune in later to finish it up.

  6. It doesn't even look that angry. I think you should have drawn Boyfriend's face over it. More convincing that way.

  7. I was just cracking up over the cartoon today! Make me popcorn wench! LOL!