Monday, December 9, 2013

Blizzard! (Ok, temporary blizzard like conditions is more accurate)

So I spent the weekend with Boyfriend, and I swear I had intentions of making a longer post on Sunday. But then this freakish blizzard hit the northeast and we got stuck in hours and hours of bullshit traffic. We passed by at least a dozen cars that went off the road and some that just got stuck ON the road, which was scary for a worrier like me. 

Also I didn't feel good and couldn't take sitting in the car anymore.  And much to his displeasure, he agreed to get a hotel room for us because he is the best Boyfriend in the world. Here's a drawing of our experience:

Have you guys ever gotten stranded anywhere?


  1. Stranded is good...if you can get a hotel room

  2. Stranded is good. I like not having control of my situation once in a while.

    A few years back, most of Houston got stranded on the freeways while trying to escape the city ahead of a hurricane. I didn't partake in that mass exodus, but that seemed like a not-so-fun stranding.

    (No jagged red line appeared beneath the word "stranding just now, which means that my attempt to use an imaginary word failed.)

  3. Did you experience Traffic Madness? Hopefully you made the best out of a bad situation.

  4. We got stranded once when I was about 8 years old. We stopped in a town where my parents had friends and they took us in for the night. It was fun. They had a daughter about my age. I don't think I would handle being stranded very well now. Being an adult takes the fun out of some things, but wine makes up for it.


  5. Driving from Houston to Iowa, got as far as Kansas City before the weather became undriveable. Pulled into a hotel, somehow managed to get a room. Next morning, discovered dozens of people had camped in the lobby. One of my traveling companions suggested we should have done that, as the hotel did not charge them. She is a crazy person!

  6. Stranded can be fun! I do love me a good adventure! Glad you guys are ok.



  7. Never been stranded but if I did having a hotel room and bar nearby would be perfect!

  8. I'm only ok with being stranded if there is booze involved. But a hotel room comes a close second.