Monday, December 2, 2013

Falalala Time to Buy Presents

Well, I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

Now that’s over, and it’s already December. Time to go shopping!

Anyway, I actually have a couple of decent gift ideas for Boyfriend, which is rare, if you recall:

I’m actually slightly impressed with myself.

But now I’m super worried Boyfriend will also think of these good ideas and buy them for himself before Christmas.

I enjoy being indignant. 
Anyhoo, only 23 more days til Christmas! How’s your shopping going?


  1. Being indignant is a lot of fun. Thankfully my family has all agreed to not exchanging gifts. We all know that we don't know each other at all and would end up basically passing gift cards back and forth.

  2. We spent all of last week doing our Christmas shopping. I'm all shopped out. If I shop any more, I might just hurt someone. From here on out, though, I look forward to not being a human pinball in the shitstorm that is the mall, so that's a plus.

  3. I made the mistake of mentioning I was going to get a new pair of slippers. The new ones are orange, and I saved her the trouble of wrapping them. All good, right? Nope.

  4. Ah, my husband should be bringing home a new cd for himself, at the very least, any day now!

  5. Mindy and I have a 'No shopping for yourself" rule in place during the month of December and within a couple weeks of our respective birthdays.

  6. My shopping is done, though I still have a few boxes to send and a couple of items need to arrive in the mail. Willy Dunne Wooters is hard to shop for.


  7. I shopped the heck out of the stores this weekend. The funny thing is, I had no intention of shopping, but once I got a look at the ads on Thanksgiving at my cousin's house, I felt compelled. I am further ahead at this point than I've ever been, so I'm feeling pretty good right now!

    It should always be a rule that no one buys themselves any presents in December. It's so hard though, cause there are so many good deals!

  8. Shopping isn't going. I keep saying I'm going to get started, but haven't yet. I'll be one of those losers sorting through the rejects left on store shelves on Christmas Eve.

  9. I'm the guy who buys things months in advance online and had them shipped to me ages ago.

    I've literally had my Sister's Christmas present in my room since July.

  10. All on-line and gift cards for my family. As they live in Florida shopping is a breeze now that I don't even have to leave the house!

  11. I super almost finished my husband yesterday at and we super almost finished my Noah this weekend. I've been storing away $100 a month and back child support each week from a man who no longer has legal rights to his ex-son. Bwahahahahaha!!!