Monday, September 19, 2016

The Destroyer and the DVD Player

So, Boyfriend and I were hanging out like usual. 

And then this happened:

Boyfriend recently made me suggested I get a universal remote, since the volume didn't really work on the old one. (That's a whole other post...that mainly involves me shrieking at the television.)

Boyfriend the Hero got up and took a look at my dvd set up. 

Yep. What an asshole. But then I realized the potential danger. 

(Boyfriend's not kitty's biggest fan.)

So I pulled kitty out of the wardrobe she was sleeping in, and gave her a stern talking to. 

Yeah, she's pretty disrespectful. We're working on it.  

Ain't no shame in my cat-chasing game. What horrible things have your cats/dogs/babies/significant others eaten?


  1. Why are you not addressing the fact you're still using a DVD player? Not a Blu-Ray? Not even the retro-hipsterism of a Laserdisc? The cat may have been making a commentary on outdated tech. Is your cat from Silicon Valley?

    1. Ha! Technically it's a blu ray, because Boyfriend upgraded me for xmas last year. If i were up to my own devices, I'd still have my dvd player from college with the smallest remote control in the world.

  2. Have you ever thought that maybe Kitty is an alien life form and NEEDS an electrical jolt from time to time to keep functioning in this world? It would explain a lot!

  3. My cat likes to eat cardboard boxes, so we don't leave those around anymore. Most of our books have cat bites on them, too. Apparently our books taste the best. That should be our next blurb.

    We had a friend in elementary school whose cat died from chewing on an electrical wire. It was with a VHS player instead of a DVD player, but, you know... all joking aside, do be careful. That definitely can be fatal.

    1. GASP.

      Excuse me. I need to get rid of every single electrical wire in this place. OR quit my job and relocate to my couch where I can keep my eye on her and the dvd player.

  4. The worst thing in the entire world history has happened to me when my previously owned dog(she left me for my mom, so much for loyalty!) was a puppy! She had this bad habit where she went to the cat's litter box scooped up the poo and ate them! There have been times when we realized it only after she licked our face by the smell of her breath!
    When I got pregnant she used to smell my belly and whine. She kept trying to goaway with my mom. I left her spend some nights at her house and whenever I was taking her home she was depressed. So, she lives with my mom and three years later still growls at my daughter.
    Anyway that particular experience made us realize that we are definitely cat people. There is not yet a cat born in this world that would eat another animal's poo.
    They are assholes but clean assholes ( no pun intended!).

  5. Our cat chews on wires like smokers smoke. When she gets a deep sleep (all that cats do) she gets up and is obsessed with chewing wires and/or cardboard. We have gone through so many phone chargers in this house that it isn't even funny. My wife made what we call cord condoms, she cut up a pillow case and made tubes(?) with them to run our cords through. Apparently, out of sight, out of mind works.

  6. What??? Boyfriend isn't sweet kitty's biggest fan? I hadn't picked up on that before. So relieved to hear that your kitty wasn't fried by the DVR.

    My Carmen Kitty (RIP) used to chew off the tops of any fresh flowers that came my way. If I got a bouquet I used to put it up on the fireplace mantel or they would be deflowered.

    My remaining cat has never showed enough initiative to chew on anything. When I put food in her dish I have to set her next to it. I guess it's too much effort to walk over to it.

  7. I have a DVD player that cost $40. I'm not a high-tech person and definitely won't switch to a universal remote because I like my ten million remotes, each of which operates some gadget. The dogs never chew on anything except their supper. I caught Willy Dunne Wooters chewing on some of my shoes, though. Bad Willy Dunne Wooters. If Boyfriend were nicer to Kitty, then she wouldn't chew on wires. I guarantee it.