Monday, August 29, 2016

Off the Wagon

Well, I'm back everyone. 

Boyfriend is obsessed with the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast. He recommends you all listen. 

Yeah, after a week of eating junk on vacation, I'm having a real hard time getting back on the wagon. Just some minor sweet treat hallucinations. NBD. 


  1. With the title I thought you were back huffing computer cleaner, but just hammering down cupcakes? I mean, I guess the struggle is real, but if you're not willing to sell your every orifice for a hit of cookie, I'm not sure it's an addiction.

  2. You hallucinate from sugar withdrawal, too? I am not alone!

  3. So you know what I find to really help in this situation? NOTHING. SUGAR IS A CRUEL, CRUEL MISTRESS, AND I WILL FOREVER BE ITS SLAVE.

  4. It's a good thing that ice cream lives in the freezer where I can't see it all the time because otherwise I would be eating ice cream ALL THE TIME. (Cupcakes are pretty good too.)