Monday, August 22, 2016

Throwback Post: Red

I'm coming back from vacation today. Here's a throwback post that i'm guessing will more than likely be appropriate. Whoopsies!


I tried, you guys! I really did. 

I burned the back of my legs badly. Sitting is a problem.

It takes a minute to register...

And I can't even complain to Boyfriend because this happened the last time I got burned

(But let's be honest, that didn't really stop me.)

See? A silver lining! Instead he can spray solarcaine all over me. 
 Anyone else get burned this weekend? Fess up!


  1. Welcome back and yes, maybe a burkini would be best for you! Bet the Boyfriend would love that!

  2. Ouch...Poor burnt Gia. I like Debra's idea of a burkini. Toasted skin just isn't fun.

  3. I used to get sunburned regularly, but I tanned into something awesome. Now I have little bits of skin cancer, so no more for me. At least I live in a cool climate.

  4. Welcome back! A burka's not a bad idea, until that little window where your eyes are gets all sunburned, and you end up looking like an irradiated raccoon. Best to just avoid the sun altogether. Pale is the new sexy (I've decided).

  5. Sunburn is awful. The worst one I can remember was when I decided to pull my bangs back with a hairband and go out all day in the middle of the summer. The top of my forehead looked like a strip of crispy bacon. I couldn't raise my eyebrows for a week.

  6. I got burned when Willy Dunne Wooters didn't show up for our weekly dinner in a restaurant.