Monday, May 2, 2016

Games of Thrones Time!

Ok, so this post really only makes sense if you watched the Game of Thrones premiere last week. (But really, who DIDN'T watch the Game of Thrones premiere?!?) 

yes, we had to switch blankets so as not to clash with my costume.

#bringjonsnowback, amirite?!


  1. The who didn't watch? I didn't. I don't have HBO and tried to watch it but couldn't get the vision of George R.R. Martin sweatily masturbating into his weird Captain's hat every time one of his incestuous rape scenes made it to screen. Seriously, Martin is a real creep and I don't know how anyone who had gazed upon his stringy beard that looks like someone shaved an 80 year old'sarmpit hair and glued it to his face, could possibly watch an orgy of underdeveloped characters get murdered. But, of course all entertainment is subjective, so please, enjoy. I'll be over in the corner trying to fend off the barrage of people who can't fathom why I don't watch dragons n stabbins until the season is over.

  2. Unlike Pickleope that sour old gherkin, I LOVE Game of Thrones. But I'm far, far behind because I'm reading the books first and then watching each corresponding season on DVD. So I've read the first book and watched Season 1. Now I've finished the second book and hope to find time to watch Season 2 soon.

  3. I have never watched Game of Thrones and am starting to feel as I am some sort of freak. Everyone I talk to is hooked on that show and I have no clue as to what they are talking about. I guess I am going to have to start from the beginning.

  4. I watched it, and what was I rewarded with? Boobs down to her damn ankles. Amazing costume work... but my eyes still burn. Thanks for reminding me that that happened. I had successfully pushed it out of my brain until now.

  5. I'm still a season or two behind, back where my love Jon Snow is still around, hawt and healthy. I keep cringing because I know from spoilers that something wicked-mystic-bad happens to him. I will cry ALL THE TEARS if he leaves for good.

    (Off topic slightly: Just finally hit the episode wherein that grody Malfoy-like King kid gets poisoned and even tho I knew it was coming, I didn't know know when, so there was still fist-pumping and cheers of victory! Fuck you, Joffrey!!!)

  6. I support your costume choice! I think we were all shocked by the old lady boobs. Eeep!