Monday, July 13, 2015

Reality TV: Kitty Edition

Remember how we re-imaged wife swap with cats a few weeks ago? Here are some more brilliant ideas:

survivor with cats

I haven't watched this show in years, but I imagine it would be more interesting with cats

american idol with cats

Yes, kitty "sings" for cheese. She's no Kelly Clarkson, but haven't they run out of talent by now? 

KEEPING UP WITH THE CATDASHIANS (thanks to pickleope for the idea!)
keeping up with the kardashians cats
I know, I shoulda made it "Katdashians"
Pretty much cats being catty about cat things. Imposssible to tell the differece between this and the original.

amazing race with cats

I'll be honest. I have literally never seen an episode of this show. I'm not even convinced it's a real show, even though it keeps winning the emmy for reality programming, right? I have no idea what channel/what season/what time its on. Do they even show it in america? I've barely seen a preview for it. 

Anyway, my point is, I'm sure there's some running in it. Kitty would excel at that show, especially if I could use a laser pointer. 

And finally...


Boyfriend came up with this one. He's an asshole, but it made me laugh, so there you have it. It would be me with kitties all day every day. #Dreamjob

Leave suggestions for other catified reality tv shows in the comments! I'm already planning my "cat moms" post...


  1. Well, if we're just throwing "cat" in on anything, you could star on the entire first season of "Cat Intervention." Just like it sounds, it's like Intervention, but with cat people. Then there's "Dancing With the Cats," "Project RunCat," "Jersey Shore Cats," "The Apprenticats" which just got canceled because of Trump being a deranged bigot, "Dance Cat Moms," "Teen Mom Cats," and "Shark Tank, with Cats" that one is really disturbing, they throw actual cats into an actual shark tank. Really hard to watch (I say as though it's a real thing.).

  2. These still sound better than any of the reality shows they have circling the drain currently. I can hardly wait until the Catdashians have a special episode where Bruce Meower completes his transition into a dog.

  3. I don't actually watch any reality shows. I'm not being a snob. I just don't.

    I have aseen a couple episodes of Mythbusters, though, and I think they could probably do a whole season of that with nothing but cat myths.

    It mght get boring, though, because every myth about cats is true.

  4. haha, Love this post. What about Hell's Kitten-chin. The cats could work with Chef Gordon Ramsay and start up a restaurant that serves tuna and catsup.

  5. I want to be on the last show. I think I may already be on a test version given that I have 3. I'll let you know if TLC ever reaches out to me.

  6. Er... let's see... How about "MTV's Pimp My Cat"? There could also be "Long Island Cat Medium"; I leave it to your discretion as to whether the medium herself is a cat, or if it's just a human who specializes in contact ex-cats. "Here Comes Kitty Boo Boo!" "19 Kittens and Counting" "What Not To Claw" "Say Yes to the Mess"... The possibilities are endless!