Monday, March 16, 2015

Life of Cat

As I was sitting around this weekend, I realized something.

And then I realized something else. 

Not forever. Just for like, a solid month or two.

Ah, the simple kitty life. Since I can't actually live like this during the week (stupid job), I've taken to catting on the weekends. 

And tbd, the whole catting thing is exactly why this post is pretty short and not very well developed. I couldn't help it, I had to sleep for 12 hours!!


  1. It would be pretty great...except maybe the catching and torturing tinier critters...and the hairballs...and the displaying your anus at all times to the world...I take that back, the anus thing goes back in the plus column.

  2. I need approximately 100% more catting in my life. Plus, the cat equivalent of weed (catnip) is so much cheaper and legal in every state.

  3. Plus you get to poop in a box and have someone else clean it up.

  4. (Don't let the Beer for the Shower guys throw that catnip line at you. They're in Colorado, human catnip is no problem for them.)

  5. In my next life I really hope to be a cat. They've got it made.

  6. Human catting is the best of both worlds. We can do all the fun things AND we don't have to clean our butts with our tongues.