Monday, March 9, 2015

Bad Kitty!

So, I walked into my kitchen a few days ago to see this: 

Yes, that's my kitty. Standing on my only eating table with her dirty, litter filled paws. I reacted:

Kitty did not:

I've been informed that "this is how it starts."

I refuse to accept that. I will NOT have a counter-cat (a cat that jumps on the kitchen counter, for you non cat people).

Does anyone else do the aluminum foil trick? It doesn't work at all with my parents' cats. Luckily, my cat is much more fearful of noises.

And that's how I bested a ten month old kitten. Huzzah! 

Cat owners: how do you keep your cats off of tables/out of bad places?


  1. Good idea. Now you just have to invest in bubble wrap and glue it to all surfaces you don't want your cat to jump all over. And that won't make your house look weird at all. Enjoy your Toxoplasmosis!

  2. We don't have a cat but we've discovered that keeping a week's worth of unfolded laundry the couch keeps our puppy off of it. Plus, we hate folding so it's a win-win actually.

  3. I never did succeed in keeping my cat HRH off the table or counter tops but I did succeed in teaching her not to jump up on them if there were dishes on them. So it was kind of win-win for both of us.

    Teaching method = endless hand clapping followed by HRH, NO!

  4. You are fooling yourself if you think you are keeping your cat off tables and counters. It doesn't matter what strategy you use, the cat will go there if the cat wants to.

  5. Pro tip: put tiny pieces of duct tape all over the table with the sticky side up, so when kitty steps on them, they get stuck to her paws. Cats HATE having things stuck on them, and will very quickly learn not to get up there.

  6. That cat counter thing has always stopped me getting a cat....that and I am a dog person.

  7. Many years ago I had a cat who would pee in the potted plants. I put pine cones around the plants, and the cat lost interest. I guess pine cones probably wouldn't work on counters.


  8. I gave up and just put a towel down on my cat's fav sleeping spot on the counter.

    Tin foil never worked with any of our cats. My mother once covered the entire living room in tin foil for MONTHS, convinced it would stop the then problem-cat from peeing on the sofa. All the cats liked sleeping on the tinfoil.

    Spray bottles with water have worked for some of our cats. Scat mats are supposed to be good, too, but if you're as much of a klutz as I am, you'll be the one getting constantly electrocuted, I promise.

    These are miracle workers:

  9. I've found that cats usually quickly loose interest once they've been allowed to explore the counter tops (unless there is food or items for them to play with). But the minute you make those locations taboo, that makes it an all too exciting challenge for them. They know it annoys you, so it becomes an entertaining game for them. Let your cat explore. Heck, even put your cat on the counter top/table. Eventually the cat will get bored with that.

    Also, some cats hate the smell of oranges/citrus. So keep some oranges or orange peel on the counter. Also, wash your counters with citrus scented cleanse, use citrus scented Pledge to dust wooden tables, rub your cutting boards with lemons. You can also buy orange scented cat repellant, but I don't know if that is food safe.

    Oh....also, cats really like to have an elevated perch. So if you can find a way to make an area that is higher than your counter that the cat can sit or sleep on, that can really help. A friend of mine actually installed little carpeted shelves up one wall that the cat could climb up and she totally loves it. It even stopped the cat from scratching and sleeping on her couch. The cat climbs up to the highest step and rules the house from there!

  10. Frankly my parents and I both gave up and let our various cats over the years do what they wanted. I mean, we would shoo them off the kitchen counters if we were actually cooking, but they would get up there at night and mess around. I'm sure I've ingested a disgusting amount of paw-litter dust, but it has never seemed to harm my health.

  11. That's a good idea!

    I just keep the valuables and breakables off our flat surfaces. It sort of works, because I'm convinced that cats only jump on tables and cabinets in order to break valuables and breakables...

    By the way, I was sitting here today wondering why I hadn't read any of your posts recently. Then I went into my feedly feed and discovered you had vanished from it!

    I don't know how that happened but I have a LOT to catch up on...

  12. I gave up. Mine sleep wherever they want and go wherever they want. The other day I was baking, I turn around and Oreo is on the counter in front of the microwave. Of course I scolded him but he was just so damn cute sitting up there. Case in point... I clean the counters a lot.