Monday, March 30, 2015


What's been going on, you ask?

Yep. A nice trail of poo from the kitchen to the litterbox in the living room. 

She was sick last week, I brought her to the vet and gave her some meds and she's doing better in general. But I think maybe I gave her a bit too much pumpkin (fiber). Sigh. I imagine it happened like this.

My poor kitty. Anyway, this was Boyfriend's reaction:

Ok, maybe he was planning the trip anyway and wasn't going across the country because kitty pooed all over my apartment. Maybe. Either way:

Hope you all had a less poo-filled weekend!


  1. How does he have that much vacation time, didn't he just go on a long trip with his son? Sorry, that's jealousy. You and your poo-tastic cat, not jealous of that. I've been on my morning commute and almost had a kitty-esque poo-mergency. Thankfully there was a Target nearby that had just been cleaned. Target, bad for local businesses, great if you're about to shit yourself on your way to work.

    1. Ha! I'll keep the target tip in mind. Our non-profit is mucho generous with the vacation time, plus he gets more bc he's been there forever.

  2. I just like the tags on this one. It's good to focus on what's important. I mean, sure, the cat's sick, but if Boyfriend comes back with multiple wives then it's time to cut a bitch.

  3. Yeah, the Boyfriend knows just when to skedaddle, doesn't he? I hope Kitty's tummy is better soon.

  4. You might be able to assign the new wife chores like cleaning up after the cat, thereby really opening up your schedule to be able to go do things with boyfriend.

  5. Ha! The censored boxes made me laugh, but I am truly sorry about Kitty. Hope it's a quick recovery!